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    Nearly all modern Western-style democracies are types of representative democracies; for example, the United Kingdom is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, France is a unitary semi-presidential republic, and the United States is a federal presidential republic.

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    Semi-presidential republics with both an executive presidency and a separate head of government that leads the legislature, who is appointed by the president. Parliamentary republics with a ceremonial/non-executive president, where a separate head of government leads the executive.

  3. List of forms of government - Wikipedia

    Parliamentary republic. Republics, like Germany, India or Singapore, with an elected head of state, but where the head of state and head of government are kept separate with the head of government retaining most executive powers, or a head of state akin to a head of government, elected by a parliament.

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    t. e. A unitary parliamentary republic refers to a unitary state with a republican form of government in which the political power is vested in and entrusted to the parliament with confidence by its electorate.

  5. What is a parliamentary republic? How is it different from ...

    You don't often hear the exact phrase 'parliamentary republic', but I suppose it is a republic (i.e. not a monarchy) that uses the parliamentary system of democracy. That means its constitution is based on the British tradition of a legislature (parliament) which appoints the executive, with the executive held accountable by the legislature.

  6. Botswana - Wikipedia

    Parliamentary Republic - President: Festus Gontebanye Mogae: Independence: From UK - Date: September 30, 1966 - Danuman (%) 2.5%: Populasiun - 2005 mga: 1,765,000 GDP 2005 mga - Kaganapan/Kabilugan: 16,640 - Balang katau: 11,410 HDI (2003) 0.565 (medium) Pera: Pula : Time zone (UTC+2) Internet

  7. Parliamentary system

    A parliamentary system, also known as parliamentarianism (and parliamentarism in U.S. English), is distinguished by the executive branch of government being dependent on the direct or indirect support of the parliament, often expressed through a vote of confidence.

  8. Etiopia - Wikipedia

    Federal Parliamentary republic 1 ... An Etiopia o kundi man Etiyopya ... Dugang nga pamiling mahitungod han Ethiopia ha kanan Wikipedia mga bugto nga proyekto:

  9. Polan - Wikipedia

    Tok Polan²: Nem bilong manmeri: Pole: Gavman: Parliamentary republic - President: Andrzej Duda - Prime Minister: Mateusz Morawiecki: Formation - Christianisation 4: April 14 966 - Redeclared: November 11 1918 EU accession: May 1 2004: Hekte - Olgeta: 312,679³ km 2 120,728 sq mi - Wara (%) 3.07: Manmeri - 2017 estimate: 38,422,346 -

  10. Italiya - Wikipedia

    parliamentary republic ... Italiya tana da yawan fili kimani na kilomita murabba'i 301,338. Italiya tana da yawan jama'a 60,589,445, bisa ga jimillar a shekarar 2016.

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