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  1. Paul Deschanel, (born Feb. 13, 1855, Brussels—died April 28, 1922, Paris), French political figure who was an important parliamentary leader during the Third Republic and served as its 10th president (Feb. 17 to Sept. 20, 1920). Deschanel was a brilliant student of philosophy, law, and literature who chose to combine journalism and politics for a career.

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  2. Paul Deschanel, né le 13 février 1855 à Schaerbeek ( Belgique) et mort le 28 avril 1922 à Paris ( France ), est un homme d'État, journaliste et écrivain français, président de la République du 18 février au 21 septembre 1920 . Il naît pendant l’exil de son père, Émile Deschanel, écrivain et opposant à Napoléon III.

  3. Paul Deschanel (1855-1922) est président de la République française du 18 février au 21 septembre 1920. Il est le dizième président de la IIIe République.

  4. Apr 7, 2017 · May 23, 1920 — Nobody was more qualified than Paul Deschanel to be President of France. But after achieving his ultimate ambition a series of bizarre incidents ending, on this day, with him stumbling along a railway track in his nightwear, turned his presidency into a short-lived train wreck. In his youth Deschanel studied philosophy, law and literature and in the course of his life wrote books on politics and literature.

  5. Dec 22, 2022 · Paul Deschanel (1855–1922) is the relatively little-known 11th President of the French Republic. He was elected president on February 18, 1920, for seven years but served only for seven months. Before that, Paul Deschanel held the position of President of the Chamber of Deputies for two terms (1898–1902; 1912–20).

  6. Paul Eugène Louis Deschanel ( French pronunciation: [pɔl deʃanɛl]; 13 February 1855 – 28 April 1922) was a French statesman. He was President of France from 18 February to 21 September 1920. [1] References[ change | change source]

  7. Nov 6, 2019 · Actor siblings Emily and Zooey's grandfather, Paul Jules Deschanel, was born in Oullins, Rhône, France on November 5, 1906, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1930. Paul's parents, Joseph Marcelin Eugène Deschanel and Marie Josephine Favre, married in Vienne, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, France on April 20, 1901. They both remained in France, although Marie did make several trips to the U.S. to visit her children.

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