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  2. Jun 08, 2017 · Pendulum Reading 101. A pendulum is a very potent and reliable tool for connecting to a higher guidance and getting right answers to any question. Although it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use a pendulum, it can take a bit of practice to master the art of pendulum dowsing for maximum pendulum reliability.

  3. You should take the following steps: Have a few deep breaths. This will help to both center and ground you. Ask it for support and guidance. Some people like saying a prayer to their soul (Higher Self) or their Spirit Guide to... Ask some questions of your pendulum. You need to do this to determine ...

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  4. The pentagram is also a symbol of the human body. It represents the male and female parts of our bodies, as well as the energy that flows between the two. This energy is often referred to as our “soul” or “consciousness.”. The symbol is usually depicted as a circle with a cross on one side and a star on the other.

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