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    Pepé Le Pew is an animated character from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons, introduced in 1945. Depicted as a French striped skunk, Pepé is constantly on the quest for love.

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    Chuck Jones first introduced the character (originally named Stinky, and once referred to as Henry) in the 1945 short \\"Odor-able Kitty\\". This differs from later entries in several areas: Pepé spends his time in (unknowing) pursuit of a male cat, who has deliberately disguised himself as a skunk (complete with a limburger scent) in order to scare off a bunch of characters mistreating him; and in the closing gag, Pepé is revealed to actually be a philandering, hen-pecked American skunk named He...

    Pepé Le Pew cartoons typically feature the amorous polecat pursuing what he believes is a \\"female skunk.\\" Usually, however, the supposed female skunk is actually a black cat (retroactively named \\"Penelope Pussycat\\") who has had a white stripe painted down her back, often by accident (such as by squeezing under a fence with still-wet white paint). Usually, Penelope runs away from Pepé because of either his putrid odor or overly assertive manner (or both), but the skunk won't take \\"no\\" for an a...

    In a role-reversal, the Academy Award-winning short \\"For Scent-imental Reasons\\" ends with an accidentally painted (and, at this point, terrified) Pepé being amorously pursued by a love-struck Penelope (who has been dunked under dirty water, leaving her with a ratty guise as well as a developing head cold that has completely clogged up her nose). Penelope locks him up inside a perfume shop, hides the key down her chest, and proceeds to turn the tables on the now-imprisoned and effectively odor...

    Sometimes this formula is subverted. In his debut appearance, \\"Odor-able Kitty\\", Pepé (technically he is a different character because he is eventually revealed to be an American-accented family skunk named \\"Henry\\" with two sons and a wife who beats him up for his \\"unfaithfulness\\") unwittingly pursues a male cat who disguises himself as a skunk. \\"Scent-imental over You\\" has Pepé pursuing a female dog who has donned a skunk pelt (mistaking it for a fur coat). In the end, she removed her pelt,...

    Chuck Jones, Pepé's creator, wrote that Pepé was based (loosely) on the personality of screenwriter Tedd Pierce, a self-styled \\"ladies' man\\" who reportedly always assumed that his infatuations were requited. Chuck also created Pepé because he saw Pepé as the person he wanted to be as a young man, thinking of himself as \\"unattractive\\". Pepé's voice, provided by Mel Blanc, was based on Charles Boyer's Pépé Le Moko from Algiers, a remake of the 1937 French film Pépé Le Moko.[citation needed|date...

    A possible cameo appearance is at the end of \\"Fair and Worm-er\\" (Chuck Jones, 1946). This skunk doesn't speak, but looks identical (or is a close relation) and shares the same mode of travel and a slight variation of Pepé's hopping music. His function here is to chase a string of characters who had all been chasing each other (à la \\"There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly\\").Pepé himself made a more obvious cameo in \\"Dog Pounded\\" (1954), where he was attracted to Sylvester after the latter t...

    Pepé was going to have a cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit but was later dropped.[citation needed|date=]Pepé made several cameo appearances on the 1990 series Tiny Toon Adventures as a professor at Acme Looniversity and the mentor to the female skunk character Fifi La Fume. He appeared briefly in \\"The Looney Beginning\\" and had a more extended cameo in \\"It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special\\". The segment \\"Out Of Odor\\" from the episode \\"Viewer Mail Day\\" saw character Elmyra disguise hers...

    In October 2010, it was reported that Mike Myers would voice Pepé Le Pew in a feature-length live action film based on the character, although no information about this project has surfaced since. In July 2016, it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that Max Landis was penning a Pepé Le Pew feature film for Warner Bros.[citation needed|date=]

    (Directed by Chuck Jones unless otherwise indicated) 1. \\"Odor-able Kitty\\" (1945) 2. \\"Scent-imental over You\\" (1947) 3. \\"Odor of the Day\\" (1948, the only cartoon in which Pepé is not a \\"lovebird\\" nor does he have a French accent; directed by Arthur Davis) 4. \\"For Scent-imental Reasons\\" (1949), Academy Award winner 5. \\"Scent-imental Romeo\\" (1951) 6. \\"Little Beau Pepé\\" (1952) 7. \\"Wild over You\\" (1953) 8. \\"Dog Pounded\\" (1954) (cameo in a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon, directed by Friz Freleng) 9....

    1. Mel Blanc: 1945 - 1989 2. Maurice LaMarche: Space Jam, Looney Tunes: Back in Action: The Video Game 3. Bruce Lanoil: Looney Tunes: Back in Action 4. Joe Alaskey: Tweety's High-Flying Adventure, Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas 5. Billy West: some video games [citation needed|date=] 1. Greg Burson: \\"Carrotblanca\\", Tiny Toon Adventures, The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries 2. Jeff Bennett: Dancing Pepé 3. Rene Auberjonois: The Looney Tunes Show (Season 1) 4. Jeff Bergman: The Looney Tunes...

    (From the Pepé Le Pew Shorts) 1. \\"Touching, is it not?\\" 2. \\"I'm the locksmith of love, no?\\" 3. \\"How impetuous can you get?!\\" 4. \\"I am Pepé Le Pew, your lover!\\" 5. \\"Ah, I know! The jealous lover! Monsieur, I salute you!\\" 6. \\"Most men would be discouraged by now. Fortunately for her, I am not most men!\\" 7. (After a faked suicide attempt) \\"I missed! Fortunately for you! And now Ma Cheri, we can start anew!\\"

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    Mar 10, 2021 · Whoopi Goldberg has torn into critics attempting to cancel beloved cartoon character Pepé Le Pew, demanding to know why people have to "erase everything." Goldberg's comments come on the heels of New York Times columnist Charles Blow's explosive essay accusing the cartoon skunk of perpetuating and "normalizing rape culture."

  7. All my favourite quotes from Pepe's 20 Episiodes :) Enjoy!!

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