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  2. perception: [noun] a result of perceiving : observation. a mental image : concept.

  3. perception meaning: 1. a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem: 2. the quality of…. Learn more.

  4. Feb 2, 2023 · perception, in humans, the process whereby sensory stimulation is translated into organized experience. That experience, or percept, is the joint product of the stimulation and of the process itself. Relations found between various types of stimulation (e.g., light waves and sound waves) and their associated percepts suggest inferences that can be made about the properties of the perceptual ...

    • William N. Dember
  5. Perception definition, the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding. See more.

  6. Synonyms for PERCEPTION: insight, sensitivity, perceptivity, understanding, intellect, perceptiveness, sense, wisdom; Antonyms of PERCEPTION: density, dullness ...

  7. Perception. refers to the way sensory information is organized, interpreted, and consciously experienced. Perception involves both bottom-up and top-down processing. Bottom-up processing. refers to the fact that perceptions are built from sensory input. On the other hand, how we interpret those sensations is influenced by our available ...

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