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  1. Peter IV (Catalan: Pere IV; 5 September 1319 – 6 January 1387), called the Ceremonious (Catalan: el Cerimoniós), was from 1336 until his death the king of Aragon, Sardinia-Corsica, and Valencia, and count of Barcelona.

  2. Ramiro II (24 April 1086 – 16 August 1157), called the Monk, was King of Aragon from 1134 until withdrawing from public life in 1137. Although a monk, he was elected king by the Aragonese nobility upon the death of his childless brother, Alfonso the Battler .

  3. Philip was born on 19 December 1683 at the Palace of Versailles in France, the second son of Louis, Grand Dauphin, the heir apparent to the throne of France, and his wife Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria, known as the Dauphine Victoire.

  4. Jun 26, 2020 · Lady Jane Grey is one of the most romanticized monarchs of Tudor England. Her nine-day reign was an unsuccessful attempt to maintain Protestant rule. This challenge cost her the throne and her head.

  5. Early life and reign until majority. James was born at Montpellier as the only son of Peter II of Aragon and Marie of Montpellier. As a child, James was made a pawn in the power politics of Provence, where his father was engaged in struggles helping the Cathar heretics of Albi against the Albigensian Crusaders led by Simon IV de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, who were trying to exterminate them.

  6. Alfons V. von Aragon (zugleich: Alfons IV. von Barcelona, Alfons III. von Valencia und Alfons II. von Mallorca und Sardinien), genannt el Magnànim (der Großmütige) (* 1396 in Medina del Campo; † 27. Juni 1458 in Neapel) war der älteste Sohn König Ferdinands des Gerechten und seiner Ehefrau Eleonore Urraca von Kastilien.

  7. Peter (*/† 1347) Nach Marias Tod heiratete er 1347 Eleonore (1328–1348), Tochter des Königs Alfons IV. von Portugal, die jedoch bereits im Folgejahr verstarb. Im Jahr 1349 heiratete er Eleonore (1325–1375), Tochter des Königs Peter II. von Sizilien, mit der er folgende Kinder hatte: Johann I. (1350–1396), König von Aragón

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