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    Peter Sellers CBE (born Richard Henry Sellers; 8 September 1925 – 24 July 1980) was an English film actor, comedian and singer.He performed in the BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show, featured on a number of hit comic songs and became known to a worldwide audience through his many film roles, among them Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther series of films.

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    Often credited as the greatest comedian of all time, Peter Sellers was born Richard Henry Sellers to a well-off acting family in 1925 in Southsea, a suburb of Portsmouth. He was the son of Agnes Doreen "Peg" (Marks) and William "Bill" Sellers. His parents worked in an acting company run by his grandmother.

  3. Master impressionist Peter Sellers was born Richard Henry Sellers on September 8, 1925 in Southsea, Hampshire, England. His parents, Agnes (Peg) and Bill Sellers, called him Peter in memory of his stillborn older brother. Sellers’ parents were vaudeville entertainers, and at two days old, Sellers was carried onto the stage at King’s Theatre.

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    Often credited as the greatest comedian of all time, Peter Sellers was born Richard Henry Sellers to a well-off acting family in 1925 in Southsea, a suburb of Portsmouth. He was the son of Agnes Doreen \\"Peg\\" (Marks) and William \\"Bill\\" Sellers. His parents worked in an acting company run by his grandmother. His father was Protestant and his mother was Jewish (of both Ashkenazi and Sephardi background). His parents' first child had died at birth, so Sellers was spoiled during his early years. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force and served during World War II. After the war he met Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine, who would become his future workmates.

    After the war, he set up a review in London, which was a combination of music (he played the drums) and impressions. Then, all of a sudden, he burst into prominence as the voices of numerous favorites on the BBC radio program \\"The Goon Show\\" (1951-1960), and then making his debut in films in Penny Points to Paradise (1951) and Down Among the Z Men (1952), before making it big as one of the criminals in The Ladykillers (1955). These small but showy roles continued throughout the 1950s, but he got his first big break playing the dogmatic union man, Fred Kite, in I'm All Right Jack (1959). The film's success led to starring vehicles into the 1960s that showed off his extreme comic ability to its fullest. In 1962, Sellers was cast in the role of Clare Quilty in the Stanley Kubrick version of the film Lolita (1962) in which his performance as a mentally unbalanced TV writer with multiple personalities landed him another part in Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) in which he played three roles which showed off his comic talent in play-acting in three different accents; British, American, and German.

    In 1974, Inspector Clouseau came to Sellers rescue when Sir Lew Grade expressed an interest in a TV series based on the character. Clouseau's creator, writer-director Blake Edwards, whose career had also seen better days, convinced Grade to bankroll a feature film instead, and The Return of the Pink Panther (1975) was a major hit release during the summer of Jaws (1975) and restored both men to prominence. Sellers would play Clouseau in two more successful sequels, The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) and Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978), and Sellers would use his newly rediscovered clout to realize his dream of playing Chauncey Gardiner in a film adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski's novel \\"Being There\\". Sellers had read the novel in 1972, but it took seven years for the film to reach the screen. Being There (1979) earned Sellers his second Oscar nomination, but he lost to Dustin Hoffman for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979).

    Sellers struggled with depression and mental insecurities throughout his life. An enigmatic figure, he often claimed to have no identity outside the roles that he played. His behavior on and off the set and stage became more erratic and compulsive, and he continued to frequently clash with his directors and co-stars, especially in the mid-1970s when his physical and mental health, together with his continuing alcohol and drug problems, were at their worst. He never fully recovered from his 1964 heart attack because he refused to take traditional heart medication and instead consulted with 'psychic healers'. As a result, his heart condition continued to slowly deteriorate over the next 16 years. On March 20, 1977, Sellers barely survived another major heart attack and had a pacemaker surgically implanted to regulate his heartbeat which caused him further mental and physical discomfort. However, he refused to slow down his work schedule or consider heart surgery which might have expanded his life by several years.

    On July 25, 1980, Sellers was scheduled to have a reunion dinner in London with his Goon Show partners, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe. However, at around 12 noon on July 22, Sellers collapsed from a massive heart attack in his Dorchester Hotel room and fell into a coma. He died in a London hospital just after midnight on July 24, 1980 at age 54. He was survived by his fourth wife, Lynne Frederick, and three children: Michael, Sarah and Victoria. At the time of his death, he was scheduled to undergo an angiography in Los Angeles on July 30 to see if if he was eligible for heart surgery.

    His last movie, The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu (1980), completed just a few months before his death, proved to be another box office flop. Director Blake Edwards' attempt at reviving the Pink Panther series after Sellers' death resulted in two panned 1980s comedies, the first of which, Trail of the Pink Panther (1982), deals with Inspector Clouseau's disappearance and was made from material cut from previous Pink Panther films and includes interviews with the original casts playing their original characters.

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    Peter Sellers, original name Richard Henry Sellers, (born September 8, 1925, Southsea, England—died July 24, 1980, London), versatile English comic actor whose astonishing range of characters earned him international stardom at a time when rigid typecasting was usual.

  6. Filmography – Peter Sellers

    1982 – Trail of the Pink Panther. 1980-The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu. 1979-Being There-The Prisoner of Zenda. 1978 –Revenge of the Pink Panther. 1978-Kingdom of Gifts (voice)

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    Peter Sellers is dead at 54, a victim of the heart disease that first struck him in 1964 and continued to haunt him during his most productive years as an international star. His death in London at 6:28 p.m. Chicago time Wednesday came after a massive heart attack. At his bedside were his fourth wife, Lynne Frederick; his second wife, Britt Ekland, and their daughter Victoria, who is 15. But Mr. Sellers never regained consciousness after the attack that struck him Tuesday in his suite at London's Dorchester Hotel. \\"Mr. Sellers' death was entirely due to natural causes,\\" a spokesman for Middlesex Hospital said. \\"His heart just faded away. His condition deteriorated very rapidly.\\" An emergency team of 10 specialists was at his bedside when he died, but they were helpless.

    Mr. Sellers was in London to work on the screenplay of \\"Romance of the Pink Panther,\\" which was to have been his sixth film in the role of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, his most famous comic creation. He was still basking in the acclaim for his starring role in last year's \\"Being There,\\" which won him an Academy Award nomination.

    His best-known roles in more ambitious films were as in \\"I'm All Right, Jack\\" (1959), \\"Lolita\\" (1962), \\"Waltz of the Toreadors\\" (1964), \\"Dr. Strangelove\\" (1964), \\"The Party\\" (1968) and \\"Being There.\\"

    I remember him talking about the inspirations for some of his famous roles at a press conference at the Hawaiian premiere of \\"Revenge of the Pink Panther.\\" Inspector Clouseau's famous accent, he recalled, wasn't there in the original \\"Pink Panther,\\" but came later: \\"I developed it in 'A Shot in the Dark' [1964]. It came from this brilliant concierge in a hotel I used to stay at in Paris. He was a master of dealing with American tourists. He'd talk to them in a strange accent that wasn't French but sounded French to an English-speaker.\\" In Stanley Kubrick's \\"Dr. Strangelove,\\" Mr. Sellers said, he created Strangelove's most famous characteristic - a mechanical hand with an automatic Nazi salute - during the process of filming.

    \\"The right hand was not originally supposed to be a Nazi hand,\\" he said. \\"Then Stanley Kubrick put the black glove on my hand and suddenly we got this inspiration that Strangelove was schizo, split right down the middle, his left half American, his right half Nazi. If you know what to look for when you see the movie, you could see some of the actors breaking up the first time my hand goes out of control . . .\\" If Mr. Sellers was correct in saying that he had no personality of his own to portray, then perhaps his performance in \\"Being There\\" was his most autobiographical. He played Chauncey, a strange, middle-aged man raised entirely in isolation, with television as his only source of information on how to behave. The character's utter simplicity and transparency led statesmen to imagine they had discovered great depths in him. It was a virtuoso performance, made all the more difficult because Mr. Sellers had to sustain a single note throughout the movie. \\"Of course not,\\" Mr. Sellers said. \\"I understand you've had some heart attacks . . .\\" the reporter began, before Mr. Sellers interrupted him with gallows humor: \\"Yes, but I plan to give them up. I'm down to two a day.\\"

    Peter Sellers was born Sept. 8, 1925, in Southsea, England, the son of British vaudeville performers, and was literally raised in the wings. He appeared with his parents as a child, won a talent contest at 13, joined the Royal Air Force at 17 and worked as an entertainer. In the 1950s he became famous as the star of England's radio \\"Goon Show,\\" memories of which were recreated in Richard Lester's famous 1960 short subject, \\"The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Film.\\"

    He moved into British film comedies and was a star by the late 1950s. Mr. Sellers often described himself as a \\"hopeless romantic\\" who was constantly falling in love. He married for the first time in 1951, to Australian actress Anne Howe, and they had two children, Michael and Sarah Jane. But in 1960 that marriage broke up as Mr. Sellers fell in love with Sophia Loren while they were filming \\"The Millionairess\\" together. Loren turned down his proposal of marriage.

    In 1964, shortly after the triumphs as Inspector Clouseau, he married Swedish actress Britt Ekland after an 11-day courtship. Shortly afterward, he suffered his first major heart attack. His marriage to Ekland lasted until 1969 and produced his daughter, Victoria. In 1970, Mr. Sellers married Miranda Quarry, daughter of a British lord. They were divorced in 1974. He and Liza Minnelli announced they would be married, but the romance cooled and he married actress Lynne Frederick in 1977. Mr. Sellers had his second major heart attack, and was fitted with a pacemaker in 1977. In May of this year, he collapsed in Dublin while making a commercial, but recovered to visit the Cannes Film Festival, where he looked unwell.

    Mr. Sellers gave evidence of that during the 1978 \\"Pink Panther\\" press conference. A reporter asked if he would mind answering a personal question.

  8. Tragic Details About Peter Sellers -

    Aug 04, 2020 · Peter Sellers had a reputation as a womanizer, divorcing his first wife, Anne, with whom he had had two children, in the early 1960s.

  9. Biographer reveals the shattering truth about Peter Sellers ...

    Jan 10, 2020 · Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland arrive at an airport before flying to Paris in December 1964. The truth is that the Britt who accepted Sellers's proposal of marriage was like a lamb to the slaughter...

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    Actor. He is best remembered for his role of inept French police Inspector 'Jacques Clouseau' in the Pink Panther series of films (1964 to 1982). The last of that series, Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) was made after his death, using film clips and unseen footage from his earlier Pink Panther movies.

    • 8 Sep 1925, Southsea, Portsmouth Unitary Authority, Hampshire, England
    • Richard Henry
    • 24 Jul 1980 (aged 54), Westminster, City of Westminster, Greater London, England
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