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  1. Peter I [pron 1] (9 June [ O.S. 30 May] 1672 – 8 February [ O.S. 28 January] 1725) [note 2], most commonly known as Peter the Great, was a monarch of Russia who modernised it and made it a European power.

  2. Apr 14, 2021 · Peter the Great was born Pyotr Alekseyevich on June 9, 1672, in Moscow, Russia. Peter the Great was the 14th child of Czar Alexis by his second wife, Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina. Having ruled...

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  3. Peter the Great took advantage of this and invaded Persia. The war went from 1722 to 1723. In the end, Russia won and gained lots of land from Persia but had lost a lot of men from fighting. After Peter died, his heirs struggled for power and all the lands that Russia had conquered were given back to Persia.

    • 7 May 1682 – 8 February 1725
    • Catherine I
  4. Dec 09, 2021 · Peter the Great's Reign As tsar, Peter saw reforms in nearly all aspects of Russian life. He was a strong and, at times, ruthless leader who subjugated himself to higher authorities occasionally....

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  5. Horrific Facts About Peter The Great, The Cruelest Tsar Peter the Great revolutionized Russia—but at a terrible price. He crushed rebellions with a cruelty and bloodlust that Russia hadn’t seen since Ivan the Terrible. But nothing could ever stain his legacy more than the worst thing he ever did: He murdered his own son. Brutally.

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