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  1. Philip VI (French: Philippe; 1293 – 22 August 1350), called the Fortunate (French: le Fortuné) and of Valois, was the first king of France from the House of Valois, reigning from 1328 until his death in 1350.

  2. The children of Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre were: Margaret (ca. 1288, Paris – after November 1294, Paris). Died in childhood, but betrothed in November 1294 (aged six) to Infante Ferdinand of Castile, later Ferdinand IV of Castile. Louis X (4 October 1289 – 5 June 1316) Blanche (1290, Paris – after 13 April 1294, Saint Denis).

  3. Philippe was born on 21 September 1640 at the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye in the town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, the day before his mother Anne’s 39th birthday. As the son of a ruling king, the infant Philippe held the rank of a Fils de France (son of France).

  4. Philip IV, byname Philip the Fair, French Philippe le Bel, (born 1268, Fontainebleau, France—died November 29, 1314, Fontainebleau), king of France from 1285 to 1314 (and of Navarre, as Philip I, from 1284 to 1305, ruling jointly with his wife, Joan I of Navarre). His long struggle with the Roman papacy ended with the transfer of the Curia to Avignon, France (beginning the so-called ...

  5. Apr 05, 2018 · Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, the father of King Charles III and the grandfather of Prince Harry and Prince William.

  6. The treaty of Cateau-Cambresis was signed between Philip and Henry II, the King of France, on April 3, 1559. As per the agreement, Piedmont, Savoy, and Corsica were given to allies of the empire. It also ascertained Philip as the sovereign of Milan, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, and the State of Presidi and ended a war that had lasted for almost 60 ...

  7. May 18, 2018 · Philip Iv (france), Philip IV (king of France) Philip IV (Philip the Fair), 1268–1314, king of France (1285–1314), son and successor of Philip III. The policies of his r… Philip Ii, Philip II Philip II Philip II (382-336 B.C.) was a king of Macedon, a conqueror, and a leader of the Corinthian League. He suppressed his feudal baro…

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