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    Philippa of Hainault (Middle French: Philippe de Hainaut; 24 June 1310 (or 1315) – 15 August 1369) was Queen of England as the wife and political adviser of King Edward III. She acted as regent in 1346, when her husband was away for the Hundred Years' War.

  2. Philippa Of Hainaut | queen of England | Britannica › biography › Philippa-of-Hainaut

    Philippa Of Hainaut, queen consort of King Edward III of England (ruled 1327–77); her popularity helped Edward maintain peace in England during his long reign. Philippa’s father was William the Good, graaf van Hainaut (in modern Belgium) and Holland, and her mother, Jeanne de Valois, was the

  3. Queen Philippa of Hainaut born - African American Registry › story › queen-philippa-of-england-born

    *Philippa of Hainault was born on this date in 1310. She was the first Black Queen of England. Philippa was of Black Moorish ancestry, born in Valenciennes in the County of Hainaut in the Low Countries of northern France. Her parents were William I, Count of Hainaut, and Joan of Valois, Countess of Hainaut, granddaughter of Philip […]

  4. Philippa of Hainault: One Of Medieval England’s Favourite ... › period › medieval

    Jun 23, 2020 · A “much spoken-of marriage” Yet despite this unpromising start, it is beyond doubt that Philippa of Hainault and Edward III formed one of the great royal marriages of the Middle Ages, and that Philippa went on to become one of the most beloved and successful queens in English history.

  5. 10 Things You Should Know About Queen Philippa of Hainault ... › 2018/05/18 › 10-things-you-should

    May 18, 2018 · Philippa was one of eight siblings and the second of five daughters. 2. From Hainault. Hainault, a province in the region of modern-day Holland, was Philippa’s homeland and were she grew up. Celebrated for culture, the court of Hainault offered Philippa opportunity to explore literature and love learning.

  6. Philippa of Hainault - English Monarchs › plantagenet_35

    Philippa of Hainault was born in Valenciennes, Hainaut, in the Low Countries, she was the daughter of William III, 'the Good' Count of Holland and Hainault, and Joan of Valois, the granddaughter of Philip III of France. Philippa spent her early years at the court of Hainault, renowned for its culture.

  7. England’s “Black” Queens | › englands-black-queens

    Jan 02, 2013 · Philippa of Hainault (24 June 1314 – 15 August 1369) was the Queen-Consort of Edward III. She was the daughter of the Count of Hainault in the Low Countries (now in Belgium), an area that had once been ruled by Moorish tribes. It would appear that perhaps, in Philippa, there was a genetic throwback to the darker colouring of the erstwhile rulers.

  8. 100 Great Black Britons - Queen Phillipa › bios › queen_phillipa

    Philippa was the daughter of William of Hainault, a lord in part of what is now Belgium. When she was nine the King of England, Edward II, decided that he would marry his son, the future Edward III, to her, and sent one of his bishops, a Bishop Stapeldon, to look at her.

  9. At 15, Philippa became the first black queen of England you ... › article › at-15-philippa

    By June of 1330, Philippa gave birth to her first child, a son named Edward after his father. The birth of the heir, who would later become a renowned military leader, was met with so much ...

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