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    Today · Exciting changes have arrived. Improvements make the way you access your Pierce College information more user-friendly, more comprehensive and more connected to the college community.

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    1 day ago · Physical Address 22602 Northwest Freeway Cypress, TX 77429 Phone: 281-897-4600 Fax: 281-517-6530. School Hours 7:20 a.m.-2:50 p.m.

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  6. Flag of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    16 hours ago · The red side-up orientation of the flag was used by the First Philippine Republic during the Philippine–American War from 1899 to 1901, by the Philippine Commonwealth during the Second World War from 1941 to 1945, by the Japanese-sponsored Philippine Republic when it declared war against the United Kingdom and the United States in 1944, by ...

  7. tell - Wiktionary
    • Pronunciation
    • Etymology 1
    • Etymology 2
    (UK, US) enPR: tĕl, IPA(key): /tɛl/, /tɛɫ/
    Rhymes: -ɛl

    From Middle English tellen (“to count, tell”), from Old English tellan (“to count, tell”), from Proto-Germanic *taljaną, *talzijaną (“to count, enumerate”), from Proto-Germanic *talą, *talǭ (“number, counting”), from Proto-Indo-European *dol- (“calculation, fraud”). Cognate with Saterland Frisian tälle (“to say; tell”), West Frisian telle (“to count”), West Frisian fertelle (“to tell, narrate”), Dutch tellen (“to count”), Low German tellen (“to count”), German zählen, Faroese telja. More at tale.

    From Arabic تَلّ‎ (tall, “hill, elevation”) or Hebrew תֵּל‎ (tél, “hill”), from Proto-Semitic *tall- (“hill”).

  8. think - Wiktionary
    • Pronunciation
    • Etymology 1
    • Etymology 2
    enPR: thĭngk, IPA(key): /θɪŋk/
    (Appalachian) IPA(key): [θæŋk]
    Rhymes: -ɪŋk

    From Middle English thinken, thynken, thenken, thenchen, from Old English þencan, þenċan, þenċean (“to think”), from Proto-Germanic *þankijaną (“to think, suppose, perceive”), from Proto-Indo-European *teng- (“to think, feel, know”). Cognate with Scots think, thynk (“to think”), North Frisian teenk, taanke, tanke, tånke (“to think”), Saterland Frisian toanke (“to think”), West Frisian tinke (“to think”), Dutch denken (“to think”), Low German denken (“to think”), dinken, German denken (“to think”), Danish tænke (“to think”), Swedish tänka (“to think”), Norwegian Bokmål tenke (“to think”), Norwegian Nynorsk tenkja (“to think”), Icelandic þekkja (“to know, recognise, identify, perceive”), Latin tongeō (“know”).

    From Middle English thinken, thynken, thenken (also thinchen, thünchen), from Old English þyncan (“to seem, appear”), from Proto-Germanic *þunkijaną (“to seem”). Cognate with Dutch dunken (“to seem, appear”), German dünken (“to seem, appear”), Danish tykkes (“to seem”), Swedish tycka (“to seem, think, regard”), Icelandic þykja (“to be regarded, be considered, seem”). More at methinks.

  9. TeleRadyo (previously known as DZMM TeleRadyo) is a Philippine pay television channel that broadcasts ABS-CBN's flagship AM radio station DZMM 630.The channel is owned by the ABS-CBN Corporation under the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs brand, and is available on cable providers throughout the Philippines.

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