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    El piano (abreviación de «pianoforte», palabra que en italiano está compuesta por los términos «piano», «suave», y «forte», «fuerte») es un instrumento musical armónico clasificado como instrumento de percusión y de cuerdas percutidas por el sistema de clasificación tradicional, y según la clasificación de Hornbostel-Sachs es un cordófono simple.

  2. The Piano is an award-winning 1993 romantic drama movie which stars Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel. This drama is about a mute pianist and her daughter in 19th century New Zealand . The score for the piano by Michael Nyman became a bestselling soundtrack album .

  3. A piano duet is a piece of music written for two people to play at one piano. It is often called Piano 4 hands.. To play piano duets the two players sit with one person on the right (playing the high notes) and the other person on the left (playing the low notes).

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    Piano em i bokis bilong musik, i gat 36 blakpela ki na 52 waitpela ki o i gat 88 ki olgeta.. Narapela mining bilong tok Piano: Piano (ples) - Piano em i wanpela ples long Bogenvil.

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    Renzo Piano, OMRI, OMCA (Italian: [ˈrɛntso ˈpjaːno]; born 14 September 1937) is an Italian airchitect an ingineer.His notable biggins include the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (wi Richard Rogers, 1977), The Shard in Lunnon (2012), an the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York Ceety (2015).

  6. Piano, a keyboard musical instrument having wire strings that sound when struck by felt-covered hammers operated from a keyboard. The standard modern piano contains 88 keys and has a compass of seven full octaves plus a few keys.

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    Piano môže byť: . hovorovo: klavír potichu (hudobný výraz; skratka "p") tichý zvuk alebo tón; Piano (film z roku 1993) obec v departemente Haute-Corse, pozri Piano (Haute-Corse)

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    Wiki Piano Net” is an interactive community-based piano piece by . The complete webpage of is the score to the piece. It consists of several sections. Some elements are fixed, like for example this introductory text. Some other elements are editable like for example the next sentence:

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    El piano (el nomm intregh l'è pianufort, ch'al ven del talian pianoforte) l'è un strüment müsegal cunt una tastera. Un piano nurmal al gh'ha 88 tast. Un piano nurmal al gh'ha 88 tast. I piano druven i tast per möv di martell che i pica sura i cord lé denter, e pöj i fann son.

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    The piano is a musical instrument of the string family. The piano was invented based on keyboard technology based on pipe organs that have been in existence since Antiquity. The piano is believed to have been invented in approximately 1700. The piano has a keyboard (a row of keys) that is struck by the pianist's fingers and thumbs.