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  2. Pixels (2015 film)

    Pixels (2015 film)

    PG-132015 · Action · 1h 46m
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  2. Pixels is a 2015 science fiction comedy film directed by Chris Columbus, written by Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling, and produced by Columbus, Adam Sandler, Allen Covert, and Mark Radcliffe. Based on the 2010 short film of the same name by Patrick Jean, the film stars Sandler, Kevin James , Michelle Monaghan , Peter Dinklage , Josh Gad , and ...

  3. plural pixels. 1. : any of the small discrete elements that together constitute an image (as on a television or digital screen) If the ball is flying from left to right across a video screen, a pixel at one fixed location on the screen will get darker and darker as time ticks on because it depicts points farther and farther to the left on the ...

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    The pixels, or color samples, that form a digitized image (such as a JPEG file used on a web page) may or may not be in one-to-one correspondence with screen pixels, depending on how a computer displays an image. In computing, an image composed of pixels is known as a bitmapped image or a raster image.

  5. If you zoom in far enough you’ll see that your image is like a mosaic formed by small tiles, which in photography are called pixels. The amount of these pixels and the way they are distributed are the two factors that you need to consider to understand resolution.

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