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  1. The Polish Wikipedia ( Polish: Wikipedia Polskojęzyczna) is the Polish-language edition of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia. Founded on September 26, 2001, it now has more than 1,603,000 articles, making it the 11th-largest Wikipedia edition overall. [1] It is also the second-largest edition in a Slavic language, after the Russian Wikipedia .

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    Witaj w Wikipedii, wolnej encyklopedii, którą każdy może redagować. 1 603 497 artykułów, w tym 4955 wyróżnionych. : • Nauki przyrodnicze • • • Technika • Filozofia • Historia • • Sztuka • Religioznawstwo • Gospodarka • • Sport • Polska • Biografie. Weź udział w akcji WikiWalentynki 2024 – inicjatywie ...

  3. Polish is a synthetic and fusional language which has seven grammatical cases. [16] It is one of very few languages in the world possessing continuous penultimate stress (with only a few exceptions) and the only in its group having an abundance of palatal consonants. [17]

    • Native: 40 million (2012), L2 speakers: 5.0 million, Total: 45 million
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    Poland is a parliamentary republic, with its bicameral legislature comprising the Sejm and the Senate. It is a developed market and a high-income economy. Considered a middle power, Poland has the sixth-largest economy in the European Union by GDP (nominal) and the fifth-largest by GDP (PPP).

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  6. Polish ( język polski, polszczyzna) is the official language of Poland. It is the most common Western Slavic language and the second Slavic language, after Russian . Polish has been an important language in Central and Eastern Europe. Polish is now spoken by over 43.5 million people as their first language in Poland.

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  7. Created by. Polish wiki community. URL. The Polish Wikipedia (In Polish: Wikipedia polskojęzyczna) is the Polish-language edition of Wikipedia. This edition was started in September 2001. It is currently the 10th largest edition by article count. [1] It currently has over 1,604,000 articles.

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