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  1. Ted Cassidy - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Poor Pretty Eddie: Keno: 1976: Harry and Walter Go to New York: Leary: 1976: The Bionic Woman: Bigfoot: Episode: "The Return of Bigfoot: Part 2" 1976–1977: The Six Million Dollar Man: Bigfoot: Two episodes 1976–1979: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle: Phobeg: Voice, 36 episodes 1977: The Great Balloon Race: 1977: Benny and Barney: Las Vegas ...

    • Poor Pretty Eddie (1975) - Trailer
    • Poor Pretty Eddie (HD)
    • Poor Pretty Eddie
    • Blaxploitation Clip: Poor Pretty Eddie (1975, starring Leslie Uggams)
  2. MOVIE REVIEW: Locked Down

    Today · It may be 2021’s first viable COVID-themed movie. Hopefully, it’s not the best we can expect. Audiences who’ve been locked down, pent-up, frustrated and emotionally frayed will relate. Life with the virus has been hard and the light at the end of the tunnel is tiny.

  3. The 20 most metal Disney villains – ranked — Kerrang!

    1 day ago · Plus she has a pet raven (pretty metal) that hangs out on a skull (extremely metal) and occasionally transforms into an elderly crone with bonkers eyes in order to curse people (at least 4 Ks metal).

  4. Martin Luther King and Talk TV – (Travalanche)

    1 day ago · The Merv appearance was in June 1967; it seems pretty clear that Harry Belafonte brought him on the show, in the same spirit in which John Lennon would later bring Yippies onto such shows in the early 70s. An entertainer gets booked, and they bring their activist friend along to advocate their cause.

  5. Upcoming Must-See Movies in 2021 - SciFi Insight

    1 day ago · It’s 2021. Finally. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve hopefully gotten through the wreckage of last year unscathed and are ready for a brighter future. And if you’re also a movie lover, this certainly includes a trip (or 20) back to the cinemas. Sure, theaters were technically open in some places last fall, but

  6. Happy Birthday–January 18 | WGOM

    1 day ago · Eddie Moore (1899) Danny Kaye (1913) Mike Fornieles (1932) Chuck Cottier (1936) Satch Davidson (1936) Curt Flood (1938) Carl Morton (1944) Billy Grabarkewitz (1946) Sachio Kinugasa (1947) Scott McGregor (1954) Dave Geisel (1955) Brady Anderson (1964) Mike Lieberthal (1972) Wandy Rodriguez (1979) Michael Pineda (1989) Entertainer Danny Kaye was one of the original owners of … Continue reading ...

  7. Muggle Studies Lesson 1: A Lesson on Sabotage -

    1 day ago · Muggle Studies classes were slowly chipping away at Cece's heart and while she wished she could just skip the lessons all together, she felt like she needed to show up for Professor Schmoe. The poor guy looked super awful and sad and like he needed support, so she could do that.

  8. Last Trump Job Approval 34%; Average Is Record-Low 41% ...

    1 day ago · Last Trump Job Approval 34%; Average Is Record-Low 41% Read more...

  9. [Continuation] Trump’s Coup - Part 2 - Page 34 ...

    1 day ago · But I'm pretty sure I can draw a distinction between someone who supports and voted for Trump and a group of people who were fooled or fooled themselves into thinking that violently storming the Capitol building meant they were expressing their patriotism and freedom. The company I work for is owned by the former.

  10. UK now has the worst death rate in the WORLD from CoVid19 ...

    Today · BBCanada 7: Eddie BB19: Akeem If the title post was data used as part of a scientific journal/ assignment or data was presented in its fashion this way it’d get an F. Full of misleading information, incorrect title, redundant data being used as a comparison between countries.

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