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  1. Timeline of progressive rock. This is an introductory page to timelines of artists, albums, and events in progressive rock and its subgenres. While this page shows the formation of significant bands in the genre, the detailed timeline is presented in separate articles for each decade.

  2. This is a timeline of artists, albums, and events in progressive rock and its subgenres. This article contains the timeline for the period 1970–1979.

  3. The roots of progressive rock developed from pop groups in the 1960s, like the Beatles and the Yardbirds, who "progressed" rock and roll by exploiting new recording techniques, and by merging electric blues with various other music styles such as Indian ragas, oriental melodies and Gregorian chants.

  4. Timeline of progressive rock (1980–1989) Add languages. Add links. Article. Talk. English. Read. Edit. View history.

  5. Progressive rock (sometimes known as underground rock) is a radio station programming format that emerged in the late 1960s, in which disc jockeys are given wide latitude in what they may play, similar to the freeform format but with the proviso that some kind of rock music is almost always played.

  6. Neo-progressive rock (also known as neo-prog) is a subgenre of progressive rock which developed in the UK in the early 1980s. The genre's most popular band, Marillion, achieved mainstream success in the decade. Several bands from the genre have continued to record and tour.

  7. Progressive soul (often shortened to prog-soul; also called black prog, black rock, and progressive R&B) [1] is a type of African-American music that uses a progressive approach, particularly in the context of the soul and funk genres.

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