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    Prometheus is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof.The story follows the crew of the spaceship Prometheus as they explore an advanced alien civilization in the late 21st century and although the film was originally conceived as a prequel to Scott's 1979 science fiction horror film Alien, rewrites determined that it would not be directly ...

  2. 'Prometheus' - Those Mysteries And Plot Holes Explained | NME

    The long-awaited release of Prometheus a couple of weeks ago was met with a pick-and-mix bag of wildly differing critical appraisals: it was either a masterpiece, a tour de force; a decent, if ...

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    Buy, Rent or Watch Prometheus and other Movies + TV Shows online. Download or stream from your Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, computer or portable device. Legendary director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) returns to his sci-fi origins in this epic adventure bursting with spectacular action and mind-blowing visual effects.

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  4. Jul 21, 2011 · There’s no denying that ‘Prometheus’ will make for a perfectly entertaining night at the movies – but we were promised so much more. Posted: Thursday July 21 2011

  5. Looking to watch Prometheus? Find out where Prometheus is streaming, if Prometheus is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider.

  6. Prometheus Movie Script

    Aug 05, 2018 · Prometheus Synopsis: This film is set in 2093 and takes place in the same universe as the 'Alien' movies. A group of explorers, including some archaeologists, are on an "undisclosed" mission.

  7. Filming Locations Guide: Where was Prometheus filmed?

    The 2012 film from Ridley Scott, a prequel to the brilliant Alien series, has great outdoor settings and -what a coincidence- this website has been to most of them. So thanks to a few screen captions, we can have a look at how these places have been transformed into the dark, atmospheric scenes where Prometheus takes place.

  8. 'Alien: Covenant' — What You Need to Know Before Seeing the ...

    May 18, 2017 · For many viewers, the only films that really matter are Alien and James Cameron's 1986 Aliens, but the new film (which is receiving strong reviews) heavily draws from Prometheus, and even weaves ...

  9. [OMFG] 'Prometheus' Secrets Revealed: Movie Tie-In Tells ...

    Jun 11, 2012 · (A few weeks ago, Titan Books, the U.K-based publisher releasing Prometheus: The Art of the Film, republished both The Book of Alien and the 1995 Aliens movie tie-in, Colonial Marines Technical ...

  10. [Top 15] Best Movies Like Prometheus | GAMERS DECIDE

    Jun 25, 2020 · The movie Prometheus reveals the answer might not be what we want to hear. And that android we created to help us, might turn against us while making the decision humans aren’t worth saving. Below are 15 films like Prometheus. 15. The Cloverfield Paradox