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  1. Queens - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Queens was established in 1683 as one of the original 12 counties of the Province of New York. The settlement was presumably named for the English Queen Catherine of Braganza (1638–1705). From 1683 until 1899, the County of Queens included what is now Nassau County. Queens became a borough during the consolidation of New York City in 1898.

  2. Mary, Queen o Scots - Wikipedia,_Queen_o_Scots

    12 hours ago · Mary, Queen o Scots (7/8 December 1542 – 8 Februar 1587), also kent as Mary Stuart or Mary I o Scotland, wis queen regnant o Scotland frae 14 December 1542 tae 24 Julie 1567 an queen consort o Fraunce frae 10 Julie 1559 tae 5 December 1560.

    • 9 September 1543
    • James V
    • 14 December 1542 – 24 Julie 1567
    • James VI
  3. Elizabeth F. Ellet – Wikipedia

    She wroteThe Queens of American Society (1867), Court Circles of the Republic, som kom 1869, beskrev det sociala livet kring de 18 amerikanska presidenterna, från George Washington till Ulysses S. Grant. [23] Rufus Griswolds skilsmässa

  4. Kings & Queens (песня Эйвы Макс) — Википедияпесня...

    1 day ago · «Kings & Queens» (с англ. — «Короли и Королевы») — песня американской певицы Эйвы Макс, вышедшая 12 марта 2020 года в качестве лид-сингла её дебютного сольного альбома Heaven & Hell.

    • 12 марта 2020
    • поп
  5. Ava Max - Wikipedia

    12 hours ago · Il 12 marzo 2020 è stato pubblicato il singolo Kings & Queens, quinto estratto dal suo album di debutto. Il 29 luglio 2020 la cantante ha annunciato il suo album di debutto, intitolato Heaven & Hell e messo in commercio il successivo 18 settembre. Il 31 luglio ha pubblicato il singolo Who's Laughing Now, in contemporanea con il relativo videoclip.

  6. Cardiff City Football Club - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    1 day ago · El Cardiff City Football Club (en galés, Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Caerdydd) es un club de fútbol de Gales de la ciudad de Cardiff, Gales.Fue fundado en 1899.Actualmente milita en la EFL Championship, luego de quedar de 18° en la Premier League en la temporada 2018/19

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  8. Coupe d'Angleterre de football 2016-2017 — Wikipédia'Angleterre_de...

    Navigation Coupe d'Angleterre 2015-2016 Coupe d'Angleterre 2017-2018 La Coupe d'Angleterre 2016-2017 est la 136 e édition de la FA Cup , la coupe principale dans le football anglais et la plus vieille compétition à élimination directe du monde. Elle est parrainée par Emirates , et est connue sous le nom de Emirates FA Cup . Elle commence le 6 août 2016 et se termine le 27 mai 2017 . Au ...

  9. List of the oldest living state leaders - Simple English ...

    12 hours ago · [lower-greek 4] Addendum Uncertain date of birth. The individuals are older than #100–28 on this list, but their status as a state leader is unclear. They were either members of collective presidencies, interim leaders, de facto leaders or widely recognised leaders whose true power was limited.

  10. iphlpsvc Guide & How to Disable IP Helper - Best Rss Center

    1 day ago · This article shows the information regarding iphlpsvc. You rarely use various services available in your system. These services in the order may be useful at

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