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  1. Raicho Vasilev (Bulgarian: Райчо Василев) is a Bulgarian stunt/actor best known for his role Gladiator Gnaeus on the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand and its prequel Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

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    Raicho Vasilev (Bulgarian: Райчо Василев) is a Bulgarian stunt/actor best known for his role Gladiator Gnaeus on the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand and its prequel Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

    stunt performer - 2 episodes
    stunt performer - 2 episodes
    stunt double: Tobias Santelmann
    stunt double: Liam McIntyre
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    Raicho Vasilev, Actor: Conan the Barbarian. Raicho Vasilev is a Bulgarian stuntman and actor best known for his appearances in high profile screen projects as Conan the Barbarian (2011) and both Roman period television dramas Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011) and Spartacus (2010). Born September 17, 1975 in Smolian, Bulgaria, the 24-year-old Raicho Vasilev started his film career with ...

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    Raicho Vasilev is a stunt double and actor who plays several roles in Gods of the Arena and Blood and Sand. After this, he remained as a stunt double for Liam McIntyre. Raicho was born in Bulgaria. He began his career as a stunt double in 1999 in the movie "Delta Force". Raicho mainly works in stunts, both in performing them and co-ordinating them. When he is not doing that, he often plays ...

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    Raicho Vasilev was an actor who founded his entertainment career success with roles in film. Vasilev began his career with roles in the Jean-Claude van Damme action flick "Derailed" (2001), "SS ...

  6. Oct 27, 2017 · Raicho Vasilev. Sep 17, 1975 (age 45) 6' 0" (1.84 m) Other popular celebrities. Lesley-Ann Brandt. Dustin Clare. Nick E. Tarabay. Peter Mensah. Search the latest ...

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    Raicho Vasilev (1975 - ) In Hell (2003)[Andrei]: Neck bittenbyJean-Claude Van Dammeat the end ofthe organized fight at the prison whileprisonersand guards (includingCarlos Gómez) look it on in shock. Spartacus: Great and Unfortunate Things (2010) [Gnaeus]: Punched off a cliff by Andy Whitfieldafter Andy briefly brawled with him before being interrupted by Peter Mensah, then Raicho mocked ...

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    View the profiles of people named Raicho Vasilev. Join Facebook to connect with Raicho Vasilev and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power...

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    Райчо Василев - Raycho Vasilev, Sofia, Bulgaria. 6,612 likes · 1 talking about this. Raicho Vasilev is a Bulgarian stunt/actor best known for his role Gladiator Gnaeus on the TV series Spartacus...

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    Thor sends Hermoid and Heimdall (Raicho Vasilev) to secure it for departure, while the rest sneak in the back door. Hammer of the Gods (2009 film) - Wikipedia This will create an email alert.

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    Gnaeus is a talented gladiator in Batiatus' ludus. He is tall of stature, bulky, balding, and with a body that shows signs of many past battles. He is known for his strength and experience. As a Retiarius he uses a net, trident, dagger, and hand-to-hand combat in battle. He is shown to have been converted from Thraex to Retiarius during the events of the prequel, Gods of the Arena.

    Gnaeus is an extremely selfish man, exhibiting a somewhat deranged personality, often bearing a lopsided smirk and always including snide and derogatory remarks in his speech. Gnaeus is callous and sadistic, highlighted in particular by his physical and sexual abuse of Pietros. In spite of his cruel nature, Gnaeus loved his fellow gladiators and held a deep sense of brotherhood with them, with the exception of Barca and Spartacus. Although Gnaeus has stable standing in the ludus as a Gladiator, he despises Barca and his lover Pietrosabove all others because Barca humiliated him in the arena. When Barca vanishes, Gnaeus forces Pietros to his will and abuses him. Once confronted about it, Gnaeus shows no shame and even mocks the slavein his suicide. Despite his cruel personality, Gnaeus was fearless in combat and enjoyed training with his gladiator brothers. He was, however, quite frustrated with their teasing of his fighting style.

    An aspiring gladiator of some renown, Gnaeus is a proven combatant in the arena and one of the more able gladiators of the ludus. He is arguably the best Retiarius in the series. While first using the standard shield-and-sword combination as a Thraex, Batiatus forces him to switch fighting styles due to not having much success with it in the arena. When using a net and trident, Gnaeus shows considerable skill, often finding himself in the Primus. His creative tactics with the net are noteworthy for their effectiveness, and include throwing the net long distances, completely enveloping foes with it, tripping foes with it, and even catching the net on fire in order to engulf an adversary in flames.

    Gnaeus is characterized as one of the lesser men at this time. He spends most of his time training and socializing with the other gladiators. He is excited when he gets the opportunity to fight Barca in the arena. During their fight, however, he is humiliated and bested by the Hoplomachus, but is spared from death by the editor of the games [[[Quintilius Varus]]. This leaves Gnaeus both spiteful and envious of Barca. His inability to fight with sword and shield, in addition to the fact that Batiatus's ludus lacks a Retiarius, prompts the Lanista to change Gnaeus' class to Retiarius. When informed of this by the newly-appointed Doctore, Oenomaus, Gnaeus becomes angry and defiant. This leads Oenomaus to whip him, asserting his authority as Doctore over the gladiators. Gnaeus then complies with his Doctore's orders and switches to the Retiarius style. Although he is made fun of for it often and dislikes it himself, he displays great skill with the net and trident and begins to climb up...

    Raicho Vasilev, the actor who plays Gnaeus, is 183cm tall and weighs 97kg (about 214lbs).
    Gnaeus originally fought as a Thraex but was forced to learn the Retiarius style due to his lack of skill with the sword and shield. He is the only Retiarius shown in Batiatus' ludus, but Batiatus...
    Gnaeus is a Dacian, therefore possibly related to the Getae. This might explain his aggressive attitude towards Spartacus, as the Getae and Thracians were enemies.
    Gnaeus was said to be the first name of Batiatus in real history.
    (About his matchup with Barca) "Yes, fuck you! Gnaeus fight Barca."
    (Speaking of Barca, after Auctus' death) "His cock will find another hole to fuck."
    (To the new Doctore, after he tells Gnaeus to switch to the Retiarius style) "A fucking net, Oenomaus?!"
    (About his match up with Crixus) "I will fuck your corpse."
    (About Spartacus' disrespect)"Did you hear this one? One day maybe you prove yourself, but until then, you fight at dawn with the rest of the shitholes."
    (About Pietros' suicide) "He will be missed...especially his lips around my cock."
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