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  1. Raymond was born at the Château de Beaucaire, the son of Raymond VI of Toulouse and Joan of England. Through his mother, he was a grandson of Henry II of England and a nephew of kings Richard I and John of England. In March 1211, Raymond VII married Sancha of Aragon. They had one daughter, Joan, and were divorced in 1241.

  2. Joan and Raymond VI had two children. Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse (1198–1249); and; Joan of Toulouse (1198–1255), second wife of Bernard II de la Tour, Lord of la Tour. In 1200 to the daughter of Isaac Komnenos of Cyprus. They divorced in late 1202, as she had remarried to Thierry of Flanders by early 1203.

  3. Raymond VI, who succeeded his father as Count of Toulouse; Aubri, died 1180; Adelaide or Azalais of Toulouse, who married Roger II Trencavel in 1171 and died in 1199; Baldwin, born 1165, executed on the orders of Raymond VI in 1214; He was engaged with Richeza of Poland, widow of Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Provence.

  4. Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse (c. 1041 – 28 February 1105), sometimes called Raymond of Saint-Gilles or Raymond I of Tripoli, was a powerful noble in southern France and one of the leaders of the First Crusade (1096–1099).

  5. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Raymond de Toulouse. Raymond VII (IX) de Toulouse (° juillet 1197 à Beaucaire – † 27 septembre 1249 à Millau), est un comte de Toulouse , de Saint-Gilles, duc de Narbonne , marquis de Gothie et de Provence de 1222 à 1249 . Il était le fils de Raymond VI , comte de Toulouse, de Saint-Gilles, marquis de Gothie et de Provence et duc de ...

  6. Jan 09, 2022 · Louis VI the Fat, King of France. Reign 29 July 1108 – 1 August 1137 . Coronation 3 August 1108 . Consort Lucienne de Rochefort. Adélaide de Maurienne . Father Philip I . Mother Bertha of Holland. Born 1 December 1081. Paris, France . Died 1 August 1137 (aged 55) Béthisy-Saint-Pierre, France . Burial Saint Denis Basilica, Paris, France

  7. After the murder of his legate Pierre de Castelnau in 1208, and suspecting that Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse was responsible, Innocent III declared a crusade against the Cathars. He offered the lands of the Cathar heretics to any French nobleman willing to take up arms.

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