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  1. Forgiveness - Wikipedia › wiki › Forgiveness

    2 hours ago · Forgiveness, in a psychological sense, is the intentional and voluntary process by which one who may initially feel victimized, undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding a given offense, and overcomes negative emotions such as resentment and vengeance (however justified it might be).

  2. April 11: “The Benefit of Humbling Ourselves and Honoring ... › 2021/04/11 › april-11-the-benefit

    1 day ago · 8 Minute Read. Today’s Bible Reading: Joshua 3:1-4:24 Luke 14:7-35 Psalm 80:1-19 Proverbs 12:27-28 Today’s Bible Verse(s): Luke 14:11 (NLT): “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

  3. The Divine Physician's Remedy To Our Greatest Ailment, Divine ... › wp › the-divine-physicians

    1 day ago · Fr. Roger J. Landry St. Agnes Church, Manhattan Divine Mercy Sunday or Dominica in Albis in Octava Paschae April 11, 2021 1 John 5:4-10, John 20:19-21 To listen to an audio recording of today’s homily, please click below: [coming…] The following text guided today’s homily: In the moving Gospel we just heard, we witness […]

  4. The Death of God and the Paradox of Salvation – Fellowship ... › 2021/04/11 › the-death

    1 day ago · Such sacrifices in the past were small glimmerings of the great necessity of making amends and atonement, that people of various cultures and eras foresaw in their own sin offerings. However, such sacrifices were always understood as being solely *to* the divine, as opposed to the divine being the sacrifice Himself on our behalf.

  5. Faith Overcomes the World - Eastside Evangelical Lutheran ... › sermons › 2021/04/11

    1 day ago · esus Lives! The Victory’s Won! That’s pretty much the Bible in a nutshell, isn’t it? Whether you’re reading from Genesis 3, “I will put hostility between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will crush his heel.”

  6. The Powers of Death › 2021/04/11 › the-powers-of-death

    1 day ago · I have a new wee essay out: ‘The Powers of Death: Recognition, Resistance, Resurrection’. Jurnal Jaffray 19, no. 1 (2021): 1–26. [pdf] The Abstract reads: This essay is an invitation to examine the powers of death, particularly the modes by which such powers are manifested in the world, modes that relate to but are irreducible to an…

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    1 day ago · Atticus Matthew Cowper Ross (born 16 January 1968) is an English musician, songwriter, record producer, composer, and audio engineer. Along with Trent Reznor, Ross won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Social Network in 2010.

  8. PEACE BE WITH YOU › wp-content › uploads

    1 day ago · PEACE BE WITH YOU (John 20:19-31) 2 This passage begins on the evening of Jesus’ resurrection. It is the first appearance of Jesus to the apostles. The women who went to the tomb on Easter morning had seen the risen Jesus

  9. The Tragedy of Richard the Third - Wikisource, the free ... › wiki › The_Tragedy_of_Richard
    • Act I.
    • Act II.
    • Act III.
    • Act IV.
    • Act v.

    SCENE I. London. A street

    [Enter GLOSTER.] GLOSTER 1. Now is the winter of our discontent 2. Made glorious summer by this son of York; 3. And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house 4. In the deep bosom of the ocean buried. 5. Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths; 6. Our bruised arms hung up for monuments; 7. Our stern alarums chang'd to merry meetings, 8. Our dreadful marches to delightful measures. 9. Grim-visag'd war hath smooth'd his wrinkled front; 10. And now, instead of mounting barbed steeds 11. T...

    SCENE II. London. Another street.

    [Enter the corpse of King Henry the Sixth, borne in an open coffin, Gentlemen bearing halberds to guard it; and Lady Anne as mourner.] ANNE. 1. Set down, set down your honourable load,— 2. If honour may be shrouded in a hearse,— 3. Whilst I awhile obsequiously lament 4. Th' untimely fall of virtuous Lancaster.— 5. Poor key-cold figure of a holy king! 6. Pale ashes of the house of Lancaster! 7. Thou bloodless remnant of that royal blood! 8. Be it lawful that I invocate thy ghost, 9. To hear th...

    SCENE III. London. A Room in the Palace.

    [Enter QUEEN ELIZABETH, LORD RIVERS, and LORD GREY.] RIVERS. 1. Have patience, madam: there's no doubt his majesty 2. Will soon recover his accustom'd health. GREY. 1. In that you brook it ill, it makes him worse: 2. Therefore, for God's sake, entertain good comfort, 3. And cheer his grace with quick and merry eyes. QUEEN ELIZABETH. 1. If he were dead, what would betide on me? GREY. 1. No other harm but loss of such a lord. QUEEN ELIZABETH. 1. The loss of such a lord includes all harms. GREY....

    SCENE I. London. A Room in the palace.

    [Enter KING EDWARD, led in sick, QUEEN ELIZABETH, DORSET, RIVERS, HASTINGS, BUCKINGHAM, GREY, and others.] KING EDWARD. 1. Why, so. Now have I done a good day's work:— 2. You peers, continue this united league: 3. I every day expect an embassage 4. From my Redeemer, to redeem me hence; 5. And more at peace my soul shall part to heaven, 6. Since I have made my friends at peace on earth. 7. Rivers and Hastings, take each other's hand; 8. Dissemble not your hatred, swear your love. RIVERS. 1. By...

    SCENE II. Another Room in the palace.

    [Enter the DUCHESS OF YORK, with A SON and DAUGHTER of CLARENCE.] SON. 1. Good grandam, tell us, is our father dead? DUCHESS. 1. No, boy. DAUGHTER. 1. Why do you weep so oft, and beat your breast, 2. And cry "O Clarence, my unhappy son!" SON. 1. Why do you look on us, and shake your head, 2. And call us orphans, wretches, castaways, 3. If that our noble father were alive? DUCHESS. 1. My pretty cousins, you mistake me both; 2. I do lament the sickness of the king, 3. As loath to lose him, not...

    SCENE III. London. A street.

    [Enter two CITIZENS, meeting.] FIRST CITIZEN. 1. Good morrow, neighbour: whither away so fast? SECOND CITIZEN. 1. I promise you, I scarcely know myself: 2. Hear you the news abroad? FIRST CITIZEN. 1. Yes,—that the king is dead. SECOND CITIZEN. 1. Ill news, by'r lady; seldom comes the better: 2. I fear, I fear 'twill prove a giddy world. [Enter third CITIZEN.] THIRD CITIZEN. 1. Neighbours, God speed! FIRST CITIZEN. 1. Give you good morrow, sir. THIRD CITIZEN. 1. Doth the news hold of good King...

    SCENE I. London. A street.

    [The trumpets sound. Enter the PRINCE OF WALES, GLOSTER, BUCKINGHAM, CATESBY, CARDINAL BOURCHIER, and others.] BUCKINGHAM. 1. Welcome, sweet prince, to London, to your chamber. GLOSTER. 1. Welcome, dear cousin, my thoughts' sovereign: 2. The weary way hath made you melancholy. PRINCE. 1. No, uncle; but our crosses on the way 2. Have made it tedious, wearisome, and heavy: 3. I want more uncles here to welcome me. GLOSTER. 1. Sweet prince, the untainted virtue of your years 2. Hath not yet div'...

    SCENE II. Before LORD HASTING'S house.

    [Enter a MESSENGER.] MESSENGER. 1. My lord, my lord!— 2. [Knocking.] HASTINGS. 1. [Within.] Who knocks? MESSENGER. 1. One from the Lord Stanley. HASTINGS. 1. [Within.] What is't o'clock? MESSENGER. 1. Upon the stroke of four. [Enter HASTINGS.] HASTINGS. 1. Cannot my Lord Stanley sleep these tedious nights? MESSENGER. 1. So it appears by that I have to say. 2. First, he commends him to your noble self. HASTINGS. 1. What then? MESSENGER. 1. Then certifies your lordship that this night 2. He dre...

    SCENE III. Pomfret. Before the Castle.

    [Enter RATCLIFF, with Guard, conducting RIVERS, GREY, and VAUGHAN to execution.] RIVERS. 1. Sir Richard Ratcliff, let me tell thee this,— 2. To-day shalt thou behold a subject die 3. For truth, for duty, and for loyalty. GREY. 1. God bless the prince from all the pack of you! 2. A knot you are of damned blood-suckers. VAUGHAN. 1. You live that shall cry woe for this hereafter. RATCLIFF. 1. Despatch; the limit of your lives is out. RIVERS. 1. O Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody prison, 2. Fatal...

    SCENE I. London. Before the Tower

    [Enter, on one side, QUEEN ELIZABETH, DUCHESS of YORK, and MARQUIS of DORSET; on the other, ANNE DUCHESS of GLOSTER, leading LADY MARGARET PLANTAGENET, CLARENCE's young daughter.] DUCHESS. 1. Who meets us here?—my niece Plantagenet, 2. Led in the hand of her kind aunt of Gloster? 3. Now, for my life, she's wandering to the Tower, 4. On pure heart's love, to greet the tender princes.— 5. Daughter, well met. ANNE. 1. God give your graces both 2. A happy and a joyful time of day! QUEEN ELIZABETH...

    SCENE II. London. A Room of State in the Palace.

    [Flourish of trumpets. RICHARD, as King, upon his throne; BUCKINGHAM, CATESBY, RATCLIFF, LOVEL, a Page, and others.] KING RICHARD. 1. Stand all apart—Cousin of Buckingham,— BUCKINGHAM. 1. My gracious sovereign? KING RICHARD. 1. Give me thy hand. Thus high, by thy advice 2. And thy assistance, is King Richard seated:— 3. But shall we wear these glories for a day? 4. Or shall they last, and we rejoice in them? BUCKINGHAM. 1. Still live they, and for ever let them last! KING RICHARD. 1. Ah, Buck...

    SCENE III. London. Another Room in the Palace.

    [Enter TYRREL.] TYRREL. 1. The tyrannous and bloody act is done,— 2. The most arch deed of piteous massacre 3. That ever yet this land was guilty of. 4. Dighton and Forrest, who I did suborn 5. To do this piece of ruthless butchery, 6. Albeit they were flesh'd villains, bloody dogs, 7. Melted with tenderness and mild compassion, 8. Wept like two children in their deaths' sad story. 9. "O, thus," quoth Dighton, "lay the gentle babes,"— 10. "Thus, thus," quoth Forrest, "girdling one another 11....

    SCENE I. Salisbury. An open place.

    [Enter the Sheriff and Guard, with BUCKINGHAM, led to execution.] BUCKINGHAM. 1. Will not King Richard let me speak with him? SHERIFF. 1. No, my good lord; therefore be patient. BUCKINGHAM. 1. Hastings, and Edward's children, Grey, and Rivers, 2. Holy King Henry, and thy fair son Edward, 3. Vaughan, and all that have miscarried 4. By underhand corrupted foul injustice,— 5. If that your moody discontented souls 6. Do through the clouds behold this present hour, 7. Even for revenge mock my dest...

    SCENE II. Plain near Tamworth.

    [Enter with drum and colours, RICHMOND, OXFORD, SIR JAMES BLUNT, SIR WALTER HERBERT, and others, with Forces, marching.] RICHMOND. 1. Fellows in arms, and my most loving friends, 2. Bruis'd underneath the yoke of tyranny, 3. Thus far into the bowels of the land 4. Have we march'd on without impediment; 5. And here receive we from our father Stanley 6. Lines of fair comfort and encouragement. 7. The wretched, bloody, and usurping boar 8. That spoil'd your summer fields and fruitful vines, 9. S...

    SCENE III. Bosworth Field.

    [Enter KING RICHARD and Forces; the DUKE OF NORFOLK, the EARL of 1. SURREY, and others.] KING RICHARD. 1. Here pitch our tents, even here in Bosworth field.— 2. My Lord of Surrey, why look you so sad? SURREY. 1. My heart is ten times lighter than my looks. KING RICHARD. 1. My Lord of Norfolk,— NORFOLK. 1. Here, most gracious liege. KING RICHARD. 1. Norfolk, we must have knocks; ha! must we not? NORFOLK. 1. We must both give and take, my loving lord. KING RICHARD. 1. Up With my tent! Here will...

  10. Universal Studios Hollywood - Wikipedia › wiki › Universal_Studios_Hollywood

    1 day ago · Universal Studios Hollywood is a film studio and theme park in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County, California.About 70% of the studio lies within the unincorporated county island known as Universal City while the rest lies within the city limits of Los Angeles, California.