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    The word populism has been contested, mistranslated and used in reference to a diverse variety of movements and beliefs. The political scientist Will Brett characterised it as "a classic example of a stretched concept, pulled out of shape by overuse and misuse", while the political scientist Paul Taggart has said of populism that it is "one of the most widely used but poorly understood ...

  2. However, as new right-wing groups emerged with no connection to historical fascism, the use of the term "right-wing extremism" came to be more widely used. Jeffrey Kaplan and Leonard Weinberg argued that the radical right in the U.S. and right-wing populism in Europe were the same phenomenon that existed throughout the Western world.

  3. Jan 26, 2022 · In the West, including the United States, right-wing populism is more often associated with anti-environmentalism, cultural nationalism, opposition to globalization, and nativism. While they generally oppose social welfare, some right-wing populists favor expanding welfare programs only for a chosen “deserving” class—a practice known as ...

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