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    1 day ago · Right-wing terrorism or far-right terrorism is terrorism that is motivated by a variety of different right-wing and far-right ideologies, most prominently by neo-Nazism, neo-fascism, ecofascism, white nationalism, white separatism, ethnonationalism, religious nationalism, and anti-government patriot/sovereign citizen beliefs and occasionally by anti-abortion and tax resistance.

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    5 days ago · This is a list of right-wing terrorist attacks.Right-wing terrorism includes terrorist acts motivated by neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white nationalist, anti-Semitism, Christian terrorism, white separatist, anti-abortion terrorism, ethnonationalist, and anti-government ideologies.

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    5 days ago · Varied political organizations have been accused of using terrorism to achieve their objectives. These include right-wing and left-wing political organizations, nationalist groups, religious groups, revolutionaries and ruling governments. Legislation declaring terrorism a crime has been adopted in many states.

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    5 days ago · Right-wing terrorism is terrorism motivated by a variety of far right ideologies and beliefs, including anti-communism, neo-fascism, neo-Nazism, racism, xenophobia and opposition to immigration. This type of terrorism has been sporadic, with little or no international cooperation.

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    4 days ago · Right-wing politics involves, in varying degrees, the rejection of some egalitarian objectives of left-wing politics, claiming either that social or economic inequality is natural and inevitable or that it is beneficial to society. Right-wing ideologies and movements support social order. The original French right-wing was called "the party of ...

  7. Dec 29, 2020 · The right-wing supports tradition and authority. The right-wing in some countries, like the United States, may also usually be in support of social liberalism and a capitalist economy where the government has little influence. Usually the right-wing thinks of society as similar to a living thing, what is called "organic society".

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    4 days ago · A report released by the Anti-Defamation League concluded that between 2009 and 2018, “right-wing extremists” were “responsible for the vast majority of extremist-related murder over the last...

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    • Terrorism as A Term Is Recently Used in West
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    Remi Brulin, a Research Fellow and professor at New York University, and whose doctoral dissertation was titled The US Discourse on Terrorism Since 1945, and how The New York Times has Covered the Issue of Terrorism, documents the evolving Western use of the term over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st. No international definitions exists, and multiple definitions are used even within nation-states. For the West, frequent use of the term appears when Israel began referring to it...

    Religious fanatics of all faiths have long used extreme violence to promote the end of the world, kill unbelievers, or achieve a place in heaven via martyrdom. Islamist terrorism is the most well-known form, although it is comparatively recent, dating to the 1980s Russian-Afghan War, with the 1993 World Trade Center attacks the first notable incident in the west. 1. Al-Qaeda — Salafist (Sunni) 2. Ahrar al-Sham — Salafist (Sunni) 3. Jaysh al-Islam — Salafist (Sunni) 4. Al-Mourabitoun — Salafis...

    Liberals and humanists in the US have begun to adopt the phrase \\"domestic terrorism\\" when addressing attacks motivated by hatred of one group for a specific trait. Laws that limit acts which are generally categorized as \\"hate crimes\\" by so-called \\"hate groups\\" are more easily understood as \\"terrorism\\" than \\"hate\\".Legal experts legitimately ask, \\"how can you legislate hate?\\" Perhaps we cannot. But advocates of the term \\"domestic terrorism\\" would say that the goal of the terrorists (be they KKK...

    In 2008 the RAND Corporation released a study that examined terrorist activities, looking specifically at how terror-wielding organizations are ultimately destroyed or self-destruct. The report suggested that any US policy truly grounded in the idea of ending terrorism and not just \\"playing politics\\" should focus on measures to either remove adherents' reasons for being in terrorist groups or provide better options for adherents to address their grievances. Specifically, the study found that...

    1. Defining “Terrorism”: The 1972 General Assembly debates on “international terrorism” and their coverage by the New York Times (pdf), by Remi Brulin 2. Evolution and Debates about the Concept of Terrorism: Klinghoffer vs Tunis(pdf), by Remi Brulin 3. How Media Fuels Our Fear of Terrorism By Nemil Dalal 4. 9 Conservative Myths About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism by Sara Robinson (June 19, 2009, 7:00 PM GMT) Alternet

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    3 days ago · However, one study claims that about 30% of right wing, 52% of single issue and 25% of Al Qaeda related individual terrorists and 8% of those in a terrorist group have a mental illness. Another study found that about 53% of individual terrorists could have been characterized as socially isolated before their attacks. [50]

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