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    What does the word Rodina mean in Russian?

    Where is Rodina restaurant in Cedar Rapids Iowa?

    What is Rodina and what is Midwest comfort food?

    What kind of company is Rodina Energy Group?

  2. Rodina offers family-style Iowa comfort food to the people of the local community and beyond. Everything served is offered with love from the farmer, the chef, and every industry professional whose hands it passes through. "Rodina" means "family" in Czech, and that is what Rodina

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    Rodinia (from the Russian родить, rodit, meaning "to beget, to give birth", or родина, rodina, meaning "motherland, birthplace") was a Neoproterozoic supercontinent that assembled 1.1–0.9 billion years ago and broke up 750–633 million years ago.

  4. Definition of rodina in the dictionary. Meaning of rodina. What does rodina mean? Information and translations of rodina in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  5. The All-Russian Political Party "Rodina" ( Russian: Всероссийская политическая партия «Родина», romanized : Vserossiyskaya politicheskaya partiya "Rodina") is a nationalist political party in Russia. It was a coalition of thirty nationalist groups that was established by Dmitry Rogozin, Sergey Glazyev ...

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