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  1. List of equipment of the Romanian Armed Forces - Wikipedia › wiki › Equipment_of_the_Romanian

    3 days ago · Romania: 23: Replaced with the M1982 120mm mortars in 2004. M82: 130mm towed gun Romania: 75: 72 pieces for sale. Licensed built after the Chinese Type 59-1, itself a copy of the Soviet 130 mm towed field gun M1954 M-46. Romania also produced a 76mm mountain gun designated M82 and a 120 mm mortar designated M 1982. ML-20: 152mm gun-howitzer

    TR-85 TR-85M1 Bizonul
    Main battle tank
    Soviet Union Romania
    Main battle tank
    T-55AM T-55AM2
    MLI-84 MLI-84M Jder
  2. Parliament of Romania - Wikipedia › wiki › Parliament_of_Romania

    4 days ago · The Parliament of Romania (Romanian: Parlamentul României) is the national legislature of Romania, consisting of the Chamber of Deputies (Camera Deputaților), and the Senate (Senat). It meets at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. Prior to the modification of the Constitution in 2003, the two houses had identical attributes. A text of ...

  3. Unification of Romania and Moldova - Wikipedia › wiki › Movement_for_unification

    2 days ago · The unification of Romania and Moldova ( Romanian: Unirea Republicii Moldova cu România) is a popular concept in the two countries beginning with the late 1980s, during the collapse of communism. The Romanian Revolution in 1989 and the independence of Moldova in 1991 further contributed to the development of a movement for the unification of ...

  4. Origin of the Romanians - Wikipedia › wiki › Origin_of_the_Romanians

    6 days ago · Several theories address the issue of the origin of the Romanians.The Romanian language descends from the Vulgar Latin dialects spoken in the Roman provinces north of the "Jireček Line" (a proposed notional line separating the predominantly Latin-speaking territories from the Greek-speaking lands in Southeastern Europe) in Late Antiquity, and the Slavic Languages.

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  6. Marie of Romania - Wikipedia › wiki › Marie_of_Romania

    2 days ago · Marie of Romania (born Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh; 29 October 1875 – 18 July 1938) was the last Queen of Romania as the wife of King Ferdinand I . Marie was born into the British royal family. Her parents were Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (later Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) and Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia.

  7. Bucharest - Wikipedia › wiki › Bucharest

    2 days ago · Bucharest is the centre of the Romanian economy and industry, accounting for around 24% (2017) of the country's GDP and about one-quarter of its industrial production, while being inhabited by 9% of the country's population. Almost one-third of national taxes is paid by Bucharest's citizens and companies.

    • Romania
    • 55.8–91.5 m (183.1–300.2 ft)
    • Noneᵃ
    • 1459
  8. Liga I - Wikipedia › wiki › Liga_I

    5 days ago · The Liga 1, most often spelled as Liga I ( Romanian pronunciation: [ˈliɡa ɨnˈtɨj]; English: First League ), is a Romanian professional league for men's association football clubs. It is currently sponsored by betting company Casa Pariurilor, and thus officially known as the Casa Liga 1. At the top of the Romanian football league system, it ...

  9. Constanța - Wikipedia › wiki › Constanța

    4 days ago · Români (83,1%) Turci (2,29%) Tătari (2,59%) Necunoscută (10,36%) Altă etnie (1,63%) Componența confesională a municipiului Constanța Ortodocși (83,04%) Musulmani (5,12%) Necunoscută (10,42%) Altă religie (1,4%) Conform recensământului efectuat în 2011 , populația municipiului Constanța se ridică la 283.872 de locuitori, în scădere față de recensământul anterior din 2002 ...

  10. Buzău - Wikipedia › wiki › Buzău

    3 days ago · Buzău este municipiul de reședință al județului cu același nume, Muntenia, România. Având 115.494 de locuitori la recensământul din 2011, este al optsprezecelea oraș ca populație din România. Orașul se află pe malul drept al râului Buzău, în dreptul ieșirii acestuia dintre dealurile subcarpatice de curbură, într-o regiune ...

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