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    The reason for the ban was the perceived threat to the stability of the state resulting from Jesuit advocacy of traditional Catholicism; it followed the Roman Catholic cantons forming an unconstitutional separate alliance leading to civil war.

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    Catholicism haes twa main meanins, described in Webster's Dictionar as: 1) "the faith o the Roman Catholic Kirk , or adherence tharetil." 2) "the hail orthodox christian kirk , or adherence tharetil"; an the term comes frae the Greek adjective καθολικός-ή-όν (katholikos), meanin "general" or "universal".

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    Roman Catholicism. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary ... Roman Catholic +‎ -ism. Proper noun . Roman Catholicism. English Wikipedia has an article on ...

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    Welcome to The Roman Catholicism Wiki! This a collaborative website about Roman Catholicism that anyone can edit! Think of this as a fledgling Catholic Wikipedia, a wiki version of a Catholic Encyclopedia. We follow the time-tested principles of Wikipedia, with the exception of writing from a Catholic point of view (CaPOV).

  5. The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with approximately 1.3 billion baptised Catholics worldwide as of 2016. As the world's "oldest continuously functioning international institution", [5] it has played a prominent role in the history and development of Western civilisation . [6]

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    sister projects: Wikipedia article, Commons category, textbook, Wikidata item. This category lists works related to Roman Catholicism - works about the early, or overall, "Church" are instead listed at Portal:Christianity.

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    The term Catholicism, while understood in different ways, most commonly refers to the Churches in communion with the Bishop of Rome. These Churches together form the single body that in common parlance is known simply as the Catholic Church, but is also called the Roman Catholic Church .

  8. Criticism of Roman Catholicism | Religion-wiki | Fandom

    Within Roman Catholicism itself, debate on the subject now largely focuses on whether this statement is meant to invoke extraordinary papal infallibility (see the concept of the extraordinary magisterium) and raise the rule that women cannot be Roman Catholic priests to the level of dogma (thus unchangeable) of the Roman Catholic Church. That ...

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    Independent Catholic Churches is the name for a few Christian churches which say that they have the traditions of the Catholic Church, but who are not recognised by the Holy See. Almost all of them say that their bishops have apostolic succession , that is that their legitimacy comes from an apostle .

  10. Roman Catholicism: A Damning and False Religion | How to ...

    The Roman Catholic Church is a damning and a false religion. It is nothing less than a front for the kingdom of Satan. It preaches and promotes a damning delusion. Jesus said that we will recognise false teachers by their fruit. Here are some of the 'fruits' of Catholicism, so judge for yourself: The Roman

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