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  1. The Archbasilica Cathedral of the Most Holy Savior and of Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist in the Lateran (Italian: Arcibasilica del Santissimo Salvatore e dei Santi Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista in Laterano), also known as the Papal Archbasilica of Saint John [in] Lateran, Saint John Lateran, or the Lateran Basilica, is the cathedral church of the Diocese of Rome in the city ...

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    The French Consulate restored the Papal States in June 1800, and the newly elected Pope Pius VII took up residence in Rome, but in 1808 the French Empire under Napoleon invaded again, and this time on 17 May 1809 the remainder of the States of the Church were annexed to France, forming the départements of Tibre and Trasimène.

  3. After the successful invasion, the Papal States became a satellite state renamed the Roman Republic, under the leadership of Louis-Alexandre Berthier, one of Bonaparte's generals. Pope Pius VI was taken prisoner, escorted out of Rome on 20 February 1798 and exiled to France, where he later died.

  4. Papal states. Relations between the Church and Napoleon deteriorated. On 3 February 1808 General Miollis occupied Rome with a division. In the next month, the puppet Kingdom of Italy annexed the papal provinces Ancona, Macerata, Fermo, and Urbino, and diplomatic relations were broken off.

  5. By a long-standing usage, evidenced already in 431, when the Council of Ephesus, the third ecumenical council, employed the phrase "our most holy and blessed pope Cœlestine, bishop of the Apostolic See", the expression, "the Apostolic See", is used in the singular and capitalized to mean specifically the see of Rome in reference to the Pope's status as successor of the Apostle Peter.

  6. Duchy of Rome 533–751; Donation of Pepin 750s; Papal States 754–1870 Annates; Congregation for Borders; Fundamental Statute for the Secular Government of the States of the Church; Capture of Rome 1870 "Prisoner in the Vatican" 1870–1929 Roman Question; Law of Guarantees; Lateran Treaty 1929; Vatican City 1929– present. Governor of ...

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