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  1. The Royal Palace of El Pardo ( Spanish: Palacio Real de El Pardo, pronounced [paˈlaθjo reˈal de el ˈpaɾðo]) is one of the official residences of the Spanish royal family and one of the oldest, being used by the Spanish monarchs since Henry III of Castile in the 15th century.

  2. The Royal Palace of El Pardo has been the Official Residence for Foreign Heads of State since 1983 and its origins as a royal hunting lodge are linked to the El Pardo hills. It is a building with close ties to the history of Spain. It was built by Emperor Charles V in the 16th century and extended in the 18th century by order of Charles III.

  3. Feb 17, 2023 · Located in El Pardo forest, this palatial building was built on the site of a small castle built by Henry III and Henry IV (14th century). Surrounded by around 16,000 hectares of woodland, it is one of the royal palaces that belongs to National Heritage. Since 1983, it has been the residence for foreign Heads of State during official visits to ...

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  5. The Royal Palace of El Pardo (Palacio Real de El Pardo) is known for having been the official residence of Francisco Franco, Spanish general and dictator from 1939 until 1975 and was equally the residence of Alfonso XII. The Palacio de El Pardo was originally a hunting lodge used by Henry IV of Castile in the fifteenth century.

  6. The Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest in Western Europe and one of the largest in the world. With over 135,000 square metres and 3,418 rooms, it has witnessed centuries of Spanish history. It is one of the few official seat of a Head of State that is open to the public.

  7. This Royal Palace in Madrid is on El Pardo Hill, which has almost 16,000 hectares of woodland, to the north of the city. It was built in the 16th century, during the reign of Philip II, over the remains of a small castle that Charles I constructed in the 15th century.

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