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  1. Rudolf Hesso Bádenský – Wikipedieádenský

    Rudolf Hesso Bádenský (asi 1290 – 17. srpna 1335) byl markrabě bádenský.. Život. Narodil se asi roku 1290 jako syn markraběte Hessa Bádenského a Adelaidy z Rienecku. . Roku 1297 nastoupil po svém otci na místo markrab

  2. Baden

    Rudolf V X 1347 Adelheid of Baden (see below) +1370/1373 +1367 child of Rudolf Hesso +1335 part 1: Margarete X 1345 Friedrich III margrave of Baden (see above) 1327-1353 +1370 child of Rudolf Hesso +1335 art 1: Adelheid 1X 1347 Rudolf V margrave of Baden (see above) 1327-1361 2X 1369 Walram IV von Thierstein +1386 +1372 child of Friedrich III ...

  3. Category:Rudolf II of Baden - Wikimedia Commons

    Herman VII, Margrave of Baden-Baden; Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden; Q44192342; Kunigunde II of Baden; Spouse: Adelaide of Ochsenstein; ... Media in category "Rudolf ...

  4. Rudolf I, Margrave of Baden-Baden,_Margrave_of_Baden-Baden

    Rudolf I, Margrave of Baden (1230 – 19 November 1288) served as Regent to Margrave Frederick I from 1250 until 1267, then as Margrave of Baden from 1268 until his death in 1288. He was the son of Herman V and Irmengard, Countess Palatine of the Rhine. She was the daughter of Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine.

  5. Hesso Bádenský – Wikipedieádenský

    Hesso Bádenský: Narození: 1268: Úmrtí: 13. února 1297 (ve věku 28–29 let) Manžel(ka) Adélaïde de Rieneck: Děti: Herman VIII, Margrave of Baden-Baden Rudolf Hesso Bádenský: Rodiče: Rudolf I. Bádenský: Příbuzní: Rudolf III. Bádenský, Rudolf II. Bádenský, Heřman VII. Bádenský, Imgarda Bádenská a Kunigunde II of Baden ...

  6. Mathilde of BADEN - Albertina of BADEN-DURLACH

    1 Rudolf Hesso Zahringen of BADEN =Jeanne D'HERICOURT , ... 1 William of BADEN-BADEN , Margrave of Baden-Baden =(Unknown) 2 Son Zahringen of BADEN-BADEN = ...

  7. Who married Adélaïde De Rieneck? |élaïde-de-rieneck-54826245

    Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden (1268 – 13 February 1297) was a son of Rudolf I and his wife, Kunigunde of Eberstein. After his father died in 1288, he ruled the Margraviate of Baden jointly with his brothers Rudolf II, Herman VII and Rudolf III. Hesso married three times: Clara (d. before 10 June 1291), a daughter of Count Walter III of Klingen.

  8. Margarethe von Baden (von Zähringen) (c.1327 - 1367) - Genealogy

    Aug 14, 2018 · Daughter of Rudolf Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden and Jeanne of Burgundy Wife of Friedrich III of Zähringen, margrave of Baden Mother of Rudolf I von Zähringen, margrave of Baden Sister of Adelheid von Baden Half sister of Joanna of Pfirt, Duchess of Austria; Daughter and Ursula von Pfirt, Gräfin von Rottenburg. Managed by: Private User

  9. Maximilian Margrave of Baden - Age, Birthday & Biography ...

    Maximilian Margrave of Baden is a Margrave of Baden.Maximilian Margrave of Baden was born on July 03, 1933 (86 years old) . About:Predefinição:Família Grão-ducal de BadenMaximilian Margrave of Baden is the son of Berthold Margrave of Baden and Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark.

  10. Kingdoms of Germany - Baden

    Rudolf I: 1288 - 1295: Rudolf II: 1288 - 1297: Hesso: 1297 - 1335: Rudolf Hesso: 1313: With the death of John Parricide, any claim to the former Swabian duchy dies with him. Large areas of its territory have already gone to the established county of Württemberg and the margraviate of Baden.