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  1. Rukh was a male Noghri from Honoghr who served as the bodyguard and assassin of Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn used Rukh's name as the override command for his sparring droids. Rukh was an excellent tracker and fighter with a strong senses of smell. During Darth Vader's mission with Thrawn, Rukh snuck around the barracks where Vader's personal forces resided, clearly not trusting them ...

  2. Rukh was a male Noghri warrior who served as the personal bodyguard, and then later the assassin, of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Raised at a time when his homeworld Honoghr was ravaged by ecological disaster, Rukh was fiercely loyal to the Galactic Empire, which claimed to be working to restore the planet. After serving as one of the Emperor ...

  3. Rukh (ルフ, Rufu) is the main source of Magoi and the world's natural phenomenon. When Life is born and lives within the flow, to move forward one must accept the truth known as Rukh's Guidance or "Fate". However, there are people who try to go against it, like the people of Al-Thamen. To go against Fate means the degeneration of evolution; existence becomes nothing and everything becomes ...

  4. Rukh Photos View All Photos (14) Movie Info. Following his father's untimely death, a young man reconnects with his extended family. Genre: Drama, Mystery & thriller ...

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    Rukh was fiercely loyal to the Empire in general and Thrawn in particular, serving as the latter's bodyguard and top assassin. Unless ordered otherwise, he would pursue his targets relentlessly and without hesitation or remorse. From the moment he arrived on Lothal Rukh developed a rivalry with Governor Arihnda Pryce, showing contempt for her attempts at using brute force to subdue the rebels and receiving significant scorn from her over his abilities. After Pryce killed Kanan but destroyed the Imperial fuel depot on Lothal in the process, Rukh was present when she was admonished for her failure by Thrawn. He smirked in delight at the sight of his humbled rival. Like Pryce, Rukh was terrified of the Loth-Wolves.

    As a Noghri, Rukh could travel quickly on all fours without tiring. His agility and reflexes made him formidable and unpredictable in close quarters combat. Despite this, he could be easily overpowered by Force-sensitives such as Ezra. Rukh also displayed a heightened sense of smell, catching the scent of Zeb from a considerable distance, as well as easily seeing through Ezra and Jai's disguises. Rukh proved skilled in melee combat even when outnumbered due to his use of a personal cloaking device. He had faster reflexes than a human and was able to match Zeb's strength. However, when Rukh's cloaking device was compromised, he was no match for Zeb's brute force. Only Sabine's intervention saved him from death.

    Rukh carried an electrostaff in combat, holding his own against the seasoned Ezra. He also employed tracking devices for help with finding targets, and knew how to operate a speeder bike. He also carried a personal cloaking device with him, as shown when he was fighting Zeb and Sabine.

    He is voiced by Warwick Davis, a veteran Star Warsactor.
    Rukh was initially introduced in the Star Wars Legends Thrawn trilogy as the bodyguard of Grand Admiral Thrawn, whom he later killed after learning that the Empire was responsible for a catastrophe...
    When Timothy Zann first developed the Thrawn trilogy, he had pitched the idea of calling Rukh's species, the Sith. As a way of explaining just what exactly it meant for Darth Vader to be a "Dark Lo...
    According to Dave Filoni, Rukh's confrontation against Zeb in the series finale was going to be different. But he changed it as he felt it was something they'd already seen before. [citation needed]
  6. Rukh synonyms, Rukh pronunciation, Rukh translation, English dictionary definition of Rukh. n. 1. The roc. 2. A large bird, supposed by some to be the same as the ...

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