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    The Badwater Ultramarathon describes itself as "the world's toughest foot race". It is a 135-mile (217 km) course starting at 279 feet (85 m) below sea level in the Badwater Basin, in California's Death Valley, and ending at an elevation of 8360 feet (2548 m) at Whitney Portal, the trailhead to Mount Whitney.

  2. The Badwater 135 is the most extreme foot-race on earth. The 135 mile course runs over barren desert, taking in three mountain ranges, some extremely tough terrain, and soaring temperatures of up to 130F.

  3. Badwater Ultramarathon Documentary: Running On The Sun › 2008/10/01 › badwater

    Oct 01, 2008 · Covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA, the Badwater Ultramarathon is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. The start line is at Badwater, Death Valley, which marks the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere at 280’ (85m) below sea level.

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    A film by Mel Stuart "Running on the Sun" is a documentary dealing with the Badwater 135 Ultra-marathon. While an ultra-marathon is defined as any race with a distance longer than a marathon (26.2 miles), Badwater is a grueling 135 mile race beginning in Death Valley (Badwater, California, elevation 282 feet below sea level) and ascending to 8000 feet by the race's end which includes an 18 ...

  5. Documentary: Running on the Sun › 2018/03/14

    Mar 14, 2018 · After a suggestion from an experienced trail runner, Emu and I watched the documentary Running on the Sun the other day, which is about the Badwater 135 ultramarathon through Death Valley. I think the idea was that we were supposed to learn something for our upcoming Larapinta Trail Run.

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    1999 Badwater Ultramarathon: Running on the Sun Trailer This is the trailer for “Running on the Sun,” the acclaimed feature-length documentary about the 1999 Badwater Ultramarathon. It was produced by Mel Stuart and is available from Rhino Home Video. Badwater Ultramarathon™ is the world’s toughest foot race. This legendary, epic, 135 mile running race travels non-stop in the heat of

  7. Watch Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135 Full Movie IN HD Visit :: Télécharger : -

  8. Watch Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135 Full Movie IN HD Visit :: Télécharger : -

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    Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135 5 of 10 Three athletes running the equivalent of two marathons a day to be the first modern runners to cross the Sahara Desert's grueling 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers).

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    Ver comentarios On The Reelz - Running On The Sun: The Badwater 135 On The Reelz. Esta Semana en On The Reelz te hablamos de Fury, Ouija, John Wick, los BluRay Releases para esta semana, Constantine en Una Serie Pa' Ti, las películas mas taquilleras y finalizando las criticas de John Wick y Annabelle.

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