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  1. List of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

    Jan 10, 2021 · Ambrose (Cantacuzène), ret. Bishop of Geneva and Western Europe (22 July 2009) Daniel (Alexandrov) , Bishop of Erie (26 April 2010) Barnabas (Prokofiev) , defrocked (in 2014) bishop

  2. 4 days ago · The pious service, eloquence, pastoral approach to his neighbor and chaste image of Vladyka Filaret of blessed repose reminded me of one of the bishops of the old school of the Russian Church Abroad—Archbishop Antony (Bartoshevich) of Geneva and Western Europe, a student of Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky), who tonsured him, and a fellow ...

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  4. Headquarters - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · The headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Churchis in Danilov Monastery, Moscow. The World Council of Churches, including Orthodox Churches, has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The headquarters of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

  5. Geneva - Wikipediaā́va

    3 days ago · Geneva was an Allobrogian border town, fortified against the Helvetii tribe, when the Romans took it in 121 BC. It became Christian under the Late Roman Empire, and acquired its first bishop in the 5th century, having been connected to the Bishopric of Vienne in the 4th.

    • Switzerland
    • Geneva
  6. Syriac Orthodox Church - Wikipedia

    In 2015, Pope Francis addressed the Syriac Orthodox Church as "a Church of Martyrs" welcoming the visit of Ignatius Aphrem II to Holy See. In 2015, Ignatius Aphrem II visited Patriarch Kirill of Moscow of the Russian Orthodox Church and discussed prospects of bilateral and theological dialogue existing since the late 1980s.


    2 days ago · Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC) A SHORT HISTORY OF THE RTOC Determination of the Sobor of Bishops of RTOC Concerning Dogmatic Questions Regarding the Sacraments of World Ecumenical Orthodoxy, the Ecclesiological Heresy of “Cyprianism” and the Anathematizing of the Heresy of “Sergianism”

  8. A First Sorrowful Epistle - ROCOR Studies

    2 days ago · President of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia 75 East 93rd St, New York, N.Y. 10028 Telephone: LEhigh 4-1601 To their Holinesses and Their Beatitudes, the Primates of the Holy Orthodox Churches, the Most Reverend Metropolitans, Archbishops and Bishops The Holy Fathers and Doctors of the Church have exhorted […]

  9. Eparchy of Kyiv (Moscow Patriarchate) - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · After its liquidation by order of Patriarch Tikhon was established Ukrainian Exarchate. The Bishops' Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, 25-27 October 1990, established autonomous and self-governing Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with its primatial Diocese of Kyiv, managed since 1992 by Metropolitan Volodymyr Sabodan who died in 2014.

  10. 4 days ago · Igor Samuilovich Yavelov—Doctor of Technical Sciences, Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Biomechanical Systems Research, Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of RAS. In the period from 1997 to 2009, he was awarded 12 diplomas and medals for inventions at international salons and European world exhibitions (Geneva, Paris, Brussels).

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