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  1. noun, plural S's or Ss, s's or ss. the 19th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. any spoken sound represented by the letter S or s, as in saw, sense, or goose. something having the shape of an S. a written or printed representation of the letter S or s. a device, as a printer's type, for reproducing the letter S or s.

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    S, or s, is the nineteenth letter in the Latin alphabet, used in the modern English alphabet, the alphabets of other western European languages and others worldwide. Its name in English is ess (pronounced / ˈ ɛ s /), plural esses.

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  4. S: Subthreshold Swing: S: Starboard Truss Segment (ISS) s: TERCOM-Aided Inertial Navigation System: S: Secondary Body Waves: S: Franchise Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately) S: Fresnel Sine Integral: S: Area of a geometric figure (mathematics) S: Supervisory Function Bit: S: Continuous-time complex variable (analogous to Z in discrete-time; electrical engineering) S

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    Jan 25, 2023 · Words ending in s are made possessive in various ways. Consider: With regular plurals, the apostrophe is placed at the end, i.e. -s ' is used (the dog s ’ tails, whereas for singular ‘dog’, the dog’s tail). The possessives of names which end in s may be formed using either this suffix (-'s) or bare -' (which see for more).

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  7. Financial Terms By: s. "Send it in". "Soft" capital rationing. "Static" Return. S. S Corporation. S&P. S&P 500 Composite Index. S&P phenomenon.

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