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    Is sabbat a black band?

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    When did the band Sabbat stop playing?

  2. Sabbat (Japanese band) - Wikipedia

    Sabbat (サバト, Sabato) is a Japanese black metal band, formed in the early 1980s. On some releases, they showcase a more thrash and heavy metal influenced sound.

    • 1983–present
    • Kuwana, Japan
  3. Sabbat - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

    Formerly called Evil, they played their first gig in August 1983. They changed their name to Sabbat in the summer of 1984. Gezol founded Evil Records and released the early Sabbat recordings on this imprint.

    • Sabbat (Japan) - Black Metal Scythe - Live Fall Of Summer 2015
    • Sabbat - Black Fire [Live 1986]
    • Sabbat - Live at Rockets, Osaka Japan 24 June 2000
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  4. SABBAT discography (top albums) and reviews

    Sabbat are a very productive Japanese black metal act who have been active since 1983. The released a string of demos during the 80's. The frontman of the band, Gezol, and former drummer, Samm, are brothers.

  5. Sabbat | Discography | Discogs

    Japanese black/thrash metal group. Formerly called Evil (12), they changed their name to Sabbat in 1984. Gezol founded Evil Records and released the early Sabbat recordings on this imprint.

  6. Sabbat (Jap) Black Fire - YouTube

    ALBUM: Sabbat (EP)YEAR: 1985Epic debut EP for this fantastic thrash metal band... from Japan.TRACKLIST:1.Black Fire2.Mion's Hill

    • 5 min
    • 45.6K
    • ptola
  7. Interview: Sabbat Talk Black Metal, Split Releases and Stage ...

    Japan's black thrash masterminds Sabbat are storming Aotearoa's shores this month, bringing with them a fearsome and ruthless back catalog that spans more than thirty years.

  8. Sabbat (English band) - Wikipedia

    On 27 February 2007, Sabbat re-released History of a Time to Come and Dreamweaver. The re-releases feature new packaging, bonus live tracks, and a remastered sound. Sabbat's final album, 1991's Mourning Has Broken, was not re-released. In 2010, the band went into hiatus, before finally splitting up once again.

    • 1985–1991, 2006–2014
    • Noise