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    Sachsenhausen was the site of Operation Bernhard, one of the largest currency counterfeiting operations ever recorded. The Germans forced inmate artisans to produce forged American and British currency, as part of a plan to undermine the British and American economies, courtesy of Sicherheitsdienst (SD) chief Reinhard Heydrich.

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    The SS established the Sachsenhausen concentration camp as the principal concentration camp for the Berlin area. Located near Oranienburg, north of Berlin, the Sachsenhausen camp opened on July 12, 1936, when the SS transferred 50 prisoners from the Esterwegen concentration camp to begin construction of the camp.

  3. Sachsenhausen concentration camp was built in the summer of 1936 as a model and training camp. Tens of thousands of the more than 200,000 prisoners interned here died as a result of hunger, disease, forced labour and mistreatment or were victims of systematic extermination operations by the SS.

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    Sachsenhausen, one of the major Nazi German concentration camps, located at the edge of Oranienburg, 21 miles (34 km) northwest of Berlin. Sachsenhausen was established in 1936 as the northern German component of the system that would include Buchenwald (for central Germany) and Dachau (for

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    Sachsenhausen is known for its vibrant nightlife sporting over two dozen bars, taverns and restaurants in the southern part's old town. The main street of Sachsenhausen is Schweizer Straße , a cosmopolitan boulevard with bars and two of Frankfurt's most traditional cider houses, Zum gemalten Haus and Wagner .

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    The Sachsenhausen concentration camp was built in July 1936, by teams of prisoners transferred there from small camps in the Ems area and elsewhere.It was located near the administrative center for all of the concentration camps in Oranienburg, and became a central training facility for SS officers.

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    The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was built in the summer of 1936 by concentration camp prisoners from the Emsland camps. Just north of Berlin, Sachsenhausen was one of the most notorious death camps of the Nazi empire and was liberated by Allied troops in 1945.

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    Sachsenhausen had approximately 100 auxiliary camps and external commandos. Among the best-known was the Schuhläuferkommando , in which prisoners had to walk along a marked track all day in order to stress-test materials suitable for army footwear.

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    The perpetrators used these locations for a range of purposes, including forced labor, detention of people deemed to be "enemies of the state," and mass murder. Millions of people suffered and died or were killed. Among these sites was the Sachsenhausen camp and its subcamps.

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