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  1. Samuel Pierpont Langley (August 22, 1834 – February 27, 1906) was an American aviation pioneer, astronomer and physicist who invented the bolometer. He was the third secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and a professor of astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was the director of the Allegheny Observatory . Life [ edit]

  2. Samuel Pierpont Langley, (born Aug. 22, 1834, Roxbury, Mass., U.S.—died Feb. 27, 1906, Aiken, S.C.), American astrophysicist and aeronautical pioneer who developed new instruments with which to study the Sun and built the first powered heavier-than-air machine of significant size to achieve sustained flight.

  3. Samuel Pierpont Langley. by Steve Graham • May 3, 2000. Born in the Boston suburb of Roxbury, Ma., Samuel Langley was one of America's most accomplished scientists. His work as an astronomy, physics, and aeronautics pioneer was highly regarded by the international science community. Ironically though, Langley's formal education ended at the ...

    • Steve Graham
    • 2000
  4. Samuel Pierpont Langley. In addition to his solar interests, Langley was the only professional scientist of his day who believed that man was destined to fly. While at the Allegheny Observatory, he made important experiments on the lift and drag of an aircraft moving through the air at a measured speed. Backed by these experiments, he was the ...

    • Steve Graham
    • 2000
  5. Samuel Pierpont Langley was born in 1834 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was the son of Samuel Langley and Mary Williams; Langley's father was a merchant in Boston. The Langleys came from old English stock, including the Mather and Adams families.

  6. Jun 12, 2018 · Pioneer aviator Samuel Pierpont Langley was the third Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. (Smithsonian Institute) Share This Article Samuel Pierpont Langley paced impatiently on the deck of a houseboat on May 6, 1896. His friend and fellow scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, stood nearby.

  7. Samuel Pierpont Langley (1834-1906) was an American astronomer, physicist, and inventor. He is best known as the inventor of the bolometer and as an aviation pioneer. Prior to joining the University of Pittsburgh, he was an assistant in the Harvard College Observatory, and a chair of mathematics at the United States Naval Academy.

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