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  1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a leader of the British Romantic movement, was born on October 21, 1772, in Devonshire, England. His father, a vicar of a parish and master of a grammar school, married twice and had fourteen children.

  2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was an influential 18th-century figure in English literature and a leading poet of the Romantic era. His introspective works pushed the boundaries of Romantic poetry.

  3. Nov 18, 2021 · Samuel Taylor Coleridge (21 October 1772 – 25 July 1834) was an English poet, literary critic, philosopher and theologian. Together with William Wordsworth, he is credited as one of the founders of the Romantic Movement in England and was a member of the Lake Poets.

  4. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, (born Oct. 21, 1772, Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire, Eng.—died July 25, 1834, Highgate, near London), English poet, critic, and philosopher. Coleridge studied at the University of Cambridge, where he became closely associated with Robert Southey.

  5. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is the premier poet-critic of modern English tradition, distinguished for the scope and influence of his thinking about literature as much as for his innovative verse. Active in the wake of the French Revolution as a dissenting pamphleteer and lay preacher, he...

  6. Romantic-era poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge famously defined imagination as the human minds temporary replication of the divine creation of the world. “The primary Imagination,” he wrote, “I hold to be … a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation.”

  7. Dec 28, 2022 · 2022 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of English Romantic poet, literary critic, and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Coleridge is most remembered today for collaborating with his friend and fellow Romantic poet William Wordsworth on Lyrical Ballads (1798) and for poems such as “Kubla Khan,” and “The Rime of the Ancient ...

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