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  1. Samuel de Champlain (French: [samɥɛl də ʃɑ̃plɛ̃]; c. 13 August 1567 – 25 December 1635) was a French explorer, navigator, cartographer, draftsman, soldier, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler.

  2. Samuel de Champlain, (born 1567?, Brouage, France—died December 25, 1635, Quebec, New France [now in Canada]), French explorer, acknowledged founder of the city of Quebec (1608), and consolidator of the French colonies in the New World.

  3. Apr 2, 2014 · Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer and cartographer best known for establishing and governing the settlements of New France and the city of Quebec. Updated: Jun 23, 2021. Photo: Bettmann ...

  4. Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer famous for his journeys in modern day Canada. During his travels, he mapped the Atlantic coast of Canada, parts of the St. Lawrence River, and parts of the Great Lakes. He is best known for establishing the first French settlement in the Canadian territory, and founding the city of Quebec.

  5. Samuel de Champlain, (born 1567, Brouage, France—died Dec. 25, 1635, Quebec, New France), French explorer. He made several expeditions to North America before founding Quebec in 1608 with 32 colonists, most of whom did not survive the first winter. He joined with the northern Indian tribes to defeat Iroquois marauders and promoted the fur ...

  6. Date of Death: December 25, 1635. Samuel de Champlain was born in La Rochelle, France to a family of mariners. He gained experience as a navigator through voyages with his uncle, notable fur trader François Gravé Du Pont, who traveled and traded in the New World as early as 1599.

  7. Mar 24, 2013 · Samuel de Champlain (1574 – 1635), "The Father of New France", was a French explorer, navigator, cartographer, soldier, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler. He founded Quebec City on July 3, 1608 and is important because he made the first accurate map of the coast.

  8. Samuel de Champlain Samuel was an explorer who founded the Canadian city of Quebec. He helped colonize French North America, formerly called New France, and is often called the “Father of New France.” Born in Brouage, Norway around 1572, Champlain learned navigation from his sea captain father.

  9. May 11, 2018 · Samuel de Champlain was born in the small seaport town of Brouage on the west coast of France in about 1567. It is believed that he was born a Protestant and at some point converted to Roman Catholicism during the Wars of Religion (also known as Hugenot Wars; 1562–98).

  10. Empire of the Bay: Samuel de Champlain Courtesy of the National Archives of Canada Samuel de Champlain, though probably born a commoner, moved beyond his modest roots in the town of Brouage,...

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