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    The family Scarabaeidae, as currently defined, consists of over 30,000 species of beetles worldwide; they are often called scarabs or scarab beetles. The classification of this family has undergone significant change in recent years.

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  3. scarab beetle | Definition & Facts | Britannica

    Scarab beetle, (family Scarabaeidae), any of approximately 30,000 species of beetles (insect order Coleoptera) that are compact and heavy-bodied insects with robustly oval outlines. They are distinguished from other beetles by their unusual antennae, each of which terminates in three flattened plates that fit together to form a club.

  4. Scarabaeidae | Definition of Scarabaeidae by Merriam-Webster

    : a family of stout-bodied lamellicorn beetles now usually restricted to beetles (as the tumblebugs or scarabaeus) of subsocial habits that feed on dung but sometimes especially formerly extended to include the plant-feeding rhinoceros beetles, flower beetles, leaf chafers and others that are usually placed in separate families — compare cetoniidae, dung beetle, melolonthidae, rutelinidae

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    • Pelidnota unicolor (Scarabaeidae) Besouro escavando
    • May Beetle (Scarabaeidae: Phyllophaga) Locomotion
  5. Learn About Scarab Beetles of the Family Scarabaeidae

    The family Scarabaeidae includes dung beetles, June beetles, rhinoceros beetles, chafers, and flower scarabs. What Are Scarab Beetles? Most scarab beetles are robust, convex insects with brown or black coloring. Whatever the coloration, size, or shape, scarabs share a key common feature: lamellateantennae that can be closed tightly.

  6. SCARABAEIDAE, an educational web site dedicated to scarab beetles. The family Scarabaeidae is a large and diverse group of beetles with many representatives worldwide. They range in size from diminutive to Their colors vary from dull brown to metallic gold. Chalcosomaand Goliathus. The types of scarab beetles depicted on these

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    The family Scarabaeidae as currently defined consists of over 30,000 species of beetles worldwide, often called scarabs or scarab beetles. The classification of this family is fairly unstable, with numerous competing theories, and new proposals appearing quite often.

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    The subfamily Scarabaeinae, like the family Scarabaeidae in general, has been divided up in various ways over the years. A classification such as the above is necessary for us to understand and communicate about the world's large and often bewildering variety of dung beetles.

  9. Aug 29, 2018 · The Century Dictionary (2) states that English scarab is derived via French from Latin scarabeus, meaning ‘beetle’ –- compare Greek καραβοσ, καραβιοσ ‘a horned beetle, stag-beetle, also a type of crab’; compare also Sanskrit karabha ‘locust’ (the often-cited reconstructed Greek forms *σκαραβειοσ and *σκαραβοσ are not authentic).

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    The phytophagous Scarabaeidae and Troginae (Coleoptera) of North Dakota Larval taxonomy of the Troginae in North America with notes on biologies and life histories (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) A review of the species of Phileurus Latreille with quadridentate protibiae and description of a new species from Panama

  11. Order Coleoptera - Beetles | Department of Entomology

    Scarab Beetle (Scarabaeidae) Scarab beetles are relatively stout-bodied beetles that vary greatly in size. There are about 1,400 scarab species in North America, many of which cause considerable damage to various plants. The tarsi are all five-segmented (5-5-5).