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  1. The Second French Intervention in Mexico (Spanish: Segunda intervención francesa en México), also known as the Second Franco-Mexican War (1861–1867), was an invasion of the Second Federal Republic of Mexico, launched in late 1862 by the Second French Empire at the invitation of Mexican conservatives.

  2. During the Second Empire, under the influence particularly of the architect and historian Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, French religious architecture finally broke away from the neoclassical style which had dominated Paris church architecture since the 18th century. Neo-Gothic and other historical styles began to be built, particularly in the eight ...

  3. As the French empire in North America grew, the French also began to build a smaller but more profitable empire in the West Indies.Settlement along the South American coast in what is today French Guiana began in 1624, and a colony was founded on Saint Kitts in 1625 (the island had to be shared with the English until the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, when it was ceded outright).

  4. The French Second Republic: A Social History (Cornell UP, 1972). In French. Sylvie Aprile, La Deuxième République et le Second Empire, Pygmalion, 2000; Choisel, Francis, La Deuxième République et le Second Empire au jour le jour, chronologie érudite détaillée, Paris, CNRS Editions, 2015.

  5. The Second Empire of Haiti, officially known as the Empire of Haiti (French: Empire d'Haïti, Haitian Creole: Anpi Ayiti), was a state which existed from 1849 to 1859.It was established by the then-President, former Lieutenant General and Supreme Commander of the Presidential Guards under President Riché, Faustin Soulouque, who, inspired by Napoleon, declared himself Emperor Faustin I on 26 ...

  6. The French Popular Front fell, and the Indochinese Democratic Front went underground. When a new French government, still under the Third Republic, formed in August 1938, among its principal concerns were security of metropolitan France as well as its empire. Among its first acts was to name General Georges Catroux governor general of Indochina

  7. The French military rivalry continued with British opposition of the French Revolution and the ensuing wars with first the new French Republic and then the Empire of Napoleon. His defeat in 1814 was followed by his abdication and exile, but he escaped the following year to begin the Hundred Days .

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