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    When the game begins, the player watches a newscast about a sighting of a red Gyarados in Johto's Lake of Rage. The player then heads to his or her best friend Barry's house and heads to Lake Verity with him to search for Legendary Pokémon. When they arrive, they notice Professor Rowan and his assistant (Lucas or Dawn, depending on the player's gender) discussing the professor's work and his search for something in the lake. The pair notice the player and hurry off, leaving behind a briefcase...

    Welcome to the next generation of Pokémon!As a rookie Pokémon Trainer, you will need to catch, train and battle Pokémon on your journey to become the Pokémon League Champion. You will face many challenges along the way, as you search for the Pokémon that rules time or space in Pokémon Diamond Version or Pokémon Pearl Version. 1. Discover more than 100 new Pokémon in the Sinnoh region! 2. Meet goals and earn the ability to import Pokémon from your GBA versions! 3. Battle and trade with your fr...

    The day-night system first appearing in Generation II returns, with the same three time periods, but better transitioning between them. A new multifunction device called the Pokétch, short for Pokémon Watch, is also introduced. The regional Professor's name is Professor Rowan, after a tree like the others, and he allows the player and his or her rival to keep the starter Pokémon they used against attacking wild Pokémon at the beginning of the game.A new battle system is used for Pokémon Diamo...

    Trading exists between Diamond and Pearl Versions through the Nintendo DS's internal wireless connection. It connects to Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver in the same manner. Eggs received from Pokémon Ranger and its sequels are also sent through wireless. Diamond and Pearl also have the ability to connect to the internet using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and can also connect to Wii consoles. Due to improvements in international linking, some Pokémon can have foreign Pokédex entries.D...

    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were critically well received, with Nintendo Power calling them \\"the ultimate Pokémon experience.\\" The inclusion of Wi-Fi features and the voice chat feature were also praised. However, the games were criticized for their somewhat basic graphics, with IGN commenting \\"if you're looking for impressive visuals you're not going to get them.\\" Despite this, Diamond and Pearl received a \\"Great\\" score of 8.5/10 on the site. Gaming magazine Famitsu gave them a score of 35 out...

    1. Pokémon Diamond is also the name of the famous bootleg of the Power Version of Keitai Denjū Telefang, which was only released in Japan (along a Speed Version) a year after Pokémon Gold and Silver. Unlike the real Pokémon Diamond, it was not paired with \\"Pokémon Pearl\\" but rather with Pokémon Jade, the bootleg of Telefang's Speed Version. 2. Diamond and Pearl are the first games where: 1. The rival's starter Pokémon is not at level 5 during the first rival battle. 2. The lab of the region'...

    1. Official PDF-file manual for Pokémon Diamond Version (English) 2. Official PDF-file manual for Pokémon Pearl Version (English)

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    1 day ago · Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense and strategy video game developed and originally published by PopCap Games for Windows and OS X in May 2009, and ported to consoles, handhelds, mobile devices, and remastered versions for personal computers. In Plants vs. Zombies, the player takes the role of a homeowner in the midst of a zombie apocalypse ...

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    • Secret Window (2004) Official Trailer 1 - Johnny Depp Movie
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    • 🎥 SECRET WINDOW (2004) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p
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  4. 虽说这两年,从《秘密窗》(Secret Window)的失落后,金式惊悚似乎已经风光不再,但金大侠几十年的功利尚在,且06年至今已有6部小说被搬上银幕也说明了大师最近的文思泉涌。

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    忙しいのが終わらない・・・昨日カメラマンさんからもらった写真om-d e-m1xの写真(゚Д゚;)マイクロフォーサーズかよ!って思ったけどプロもmft使うんですね。

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    Today · Words To Die By by heartfortwilight (@HeartForTwiligh) ~ Complete Summary: I.M. Swan a best-selling author is on top of the literary world. After coming off her book tour for her latest book, she has begun her research for the next, a book on the Chicago Mafia.

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