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  1. Exposed (1983 film) - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · This movie was filmed on UVM campus in Burlington, VT. It was the last film role for Ron Randell. Reception "The movie is unlike anything being released by major studios today," said Toback at the time of the film's release, "and so its confusing to people who market movies". Toback was allowed to be involved in the promotion of the film.

  2. Yanomami - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · The 2008 Christian movie Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God featured one of the Yanomami in the telling of the history and culture of his people. In the 2006 novel World War Z by Max Brooks, a Brazilian doctor named Fernando Oliveira, in the aftermath of the titular zombie war, is living with the Yanomami. It is unclear whether he is being kept ...

    • 19,420 (2011)
    • 16,069 (2009)
  3. Review: Independent Claus from Best Medicine. Not one of its best

    Today · The problem with this story – beyond the ones you’ve already recognized from this description – is that the interaction is minimal. It is really a series of monologues, all about the same subject: I met Santa; I was overwhelmed by his sexiness; I got some good loving; and notwithstanding that I was seduced and abandoned, it was worth it.

  4. Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · Seduced and Abandoned (Sedotta e abbandonata) 1965: Terence Stamp ( United Kingdom) Freddie Clegg: The Collector: 1966: Per Oscarsson ( Sweden) Pontus: Hunger (Sult) 1967: Oded Kotler ( Israel) Eli: Three Days and a Child (שלושה ימים וילד) 1968: Festival interrupted, no awards that year because of the May 1968 events in France. 1969

  5. List of A Nightmare on Elm Street characters - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · Alice sends Yvonne to now-abandoned Westin Hills Hospital to find Amanda Krueger's remains and free her spirit, allowing her to fight her son Freddy. Yvonne reappears in Innovation Comics' Nightmares on Elm Street as a police officer and repays her debt by saving Alice's life when Devonne, a woman sent by Freddy, tries to kill Alice with a ...

  6. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · The weight of a work of such dimensions in a subsoil of swampy origin would require a special foundation. Initially, cross beams were placed to build a platform, which required high costs and constant draining, in the end this project would be abandoned not only for the aforementioned cost, but for the floods suffered by the city center.

  7. Nacho Vidal - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    1 day ago · Seduced and Abandoned (2003) Serial Fucker 5 (2003) Sex Thriller (2003) Sex with Young Girls 2 (2003) Sexville (2003) She Male Domination Nation (2003) Sodomania 40 (2003) Spit Shined 1 (2003) Teen Dreams 4 (2003) Teen Tryouts Audition 25 (2003) Tits and Ass 3 (2003) Tits and Ass 4 (2003) Unleashed (2003) Young As They Cum 11 (2003) Addicted to ...

  8. The Marin Muses of Music and Dance | Rosamond Press

    1 day ago · My ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen used to live in Marin, as did her good friend, Mimi Farina. I am going to ask Vice President, Kamala Harris, to look into preserving the Bohemian History of Oakland and Marin.

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