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    Selaphiel is often seen as the Patron Saint of prayer and worship for members of the Eastern Orthodox Church and some Catholic traditions. In some Orthodox traditions, he is said to help people interpret dreams, break addictions, protect children, preside over exorcisms, and rule over music in heaven. Orthodox Christians will seek his help if ...

  2. Sep 6, 2018 · Selaphiel in Religious Texts . In the ancient text 2 Esdras, which is part of the Jewish and Christian apocrypha, the prophet Ezra (the great-grandfather of Noah, who build the ark to save the planet’s animals from the worldwide flood) describes how his mind had become troubled from thinking about how much pain people’s sins cause them, and when he was despairing, archangel Selaphiel ...

  3. Apr 29, 2019 · Updated on April 29, 2019. Archangel Selaphiel (who is also known as Archangel Zerachiel) is a compassionate and encouraging angel who specializes in helping people pray, say believers. Selaphiel can motivate you to express your deepest thoughts and feelings to God in prayer, block out distractions so you can concentrate while praying, and ...

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  5. Nov 30, 2018 · Archangel Selaphiel. Selaphiel is known by many names. Some his names are: Salatheel, Salathiel, Sealthiel, Sealtiel. His name means “I have asked God” or “Prayer of God”. He is one of the 7 archangels of the Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. Selaphiel actually appears in the apocryphal texts.

  6. Archangel Selaphiel Folklore, Prayer and Roles. Archangel Selaphiel, identified as the Saint Sealtiel from the 2 nd book of Esdras is one of the 7 archangels in the Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. Saint Selaphiel the Archangel, is a kind and the hopeful angel who concentrates in helping folks pray, says disciples.

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    Seraphiel. Seraphiel ( Hebrew שׂרפיאל, meaning "Prince of the High Angelic Order") is the name of an angel in the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Protector of Metatron, Seraphiel holds the highest rank of the Seraphim with the following directly below him, Jehoel. In some texts, [which?] he is referred to as the Angel of Silence.

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