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    Season 2 Servant Critics Consensus. Servant's second season serves up a solid - if not always convincing - set of thrills with a better grasp on its dark humor.

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    • January 14, 2021
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    Season 2. Error: please try again. Jericho and Leanne are missing. Dorthy devises a 72-hour game plan, while Sean and Julian continue hiding the truth. Error: please try again. With Natalie's help, Sean and Julian uncover disturbing details about the cult. Dorothy sacrifices her career reputation for her family.

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    Mar 19, 2021 · Season 2 of Servant premieres on January 14, 2020 on Apple TV+. Season 2 was announced before Season 1 had premiered, with the opening season receiving positive reception. The ending of Season 1 left a cliffhanger, with Jericho and Leanne missing. A third season will air in early 2022. 1 Episodes 11-20 2 Gallery 2.1 Images 3 Videos Doll Spaceman Pizza 2:00 Cake Espresso Marino Loveshack Goose ...

  4. Servant Season 2 Ending, Explained | Finale Recap: Is Leanne ... › servant-season-2-ending-explained

    Mar 17, 2021 · The season 2 finale of ‘Servant’ finally gives us a glimpse into the workings of the Church of Lesser Saints. Leanne, the prodigal child of the cult, is antagonized by the members, and they want to bring her back to the fold. However, the process is grim and morbid as it is mired in violence. […]

  5. 'Servant,' the creepy Apple TV+ thriller from Tony Basgallop and M. Night Shyamalan is even darker, scarier, and funnier in season 2.

    • Kristen Baldwin
  6. ‘Servant’ Season 2 Finale Recap — Josephine | TVLine › 2021/03/19 › servant-finale-recap

    Mar 19, 2021 · While we still aren’t sure whether Leanne is a harbinger of doom, a saint or something in between, the big questions going into Servant’s Season 2 finale all revolve around Jericho. Is …

    • Nick Caruso
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    The first season of Servant premiered on Apple TV+ on November 28, 2019, and ran for 10 episodes until January 17, 2020. Ahead of the first season premiere, Apple renewed the show for a second 10-episode season, which premiered on January 15, 2021. In December 2020, ahead of the second season premiere, the series was renewed for a third season.

  9. Servant: How the Season 2 Finale Sets up Season 3 | CBR › servant-season-2-finale-sets-up-season-3
    • Jericho's Return
    • Leanne's New Family... and Romance
    • The Church of The Lesser Saint's Ally
    • The Church's Retaliation Against Leanne

    The season finale ended with Jericho returning, seemingly brought back from the dead once more by Leanne. Although this makes for a relatively happy ending for Dorothy and Sean, Jericho's return will possibly have far-reaching, possibly catastrophic consequences. His return from the dead flies in the face of Church rules, seeing as God did not give Leanne permission to "help" the Turners. This might make the child a target of the cult, who have been shown to resort to violence if anyone gets in the way of their divine mission. Also, explaining Jericho's initial resurfacing was already difficult, but it now creates a near-impossible logistical challenge for Dorothy and Sean to explain his second return to friends, family and law enforcement. After all, Officer Reyes is still out there investigating the Church and their connection to the Turners' recent activities and the death of the Marino family. If she discovers that the Turners suddenly have a new baby, then it could create a hos...

    Throughout Servant, it became clear that Leanne, as strange and creepy as she comes off, was looking for a family. She viewed Dorothy as a maternal figure, and although her opinion of her hero soured, they were able to repair their relationship. After she brings back Jericho, she tells the couple that they will be a family. This irrevocably changes the dynamic between the Turners and Leanne. In Season 1, she was their titular servant, and she was their unwilling prisoner in Season 2, but going into Season 3, she has become an essential part of their lives. RELATED: Servant Reveals the Tragic Reason Behind Julian's Guilt & Addiction This new dynamic will most likely play into the budding romance between Leanne and Julian as well. These characters were frequently shown at odds thanks to Leanne's aloofness and Julian's confrontational attitude, but in "Loveshack," the characters intimately bonded over their respective pain and had sex. Julian seemed to regret the encounter, but Leanne...

    The fate of Julian's private detective, Roscoe, was left on a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 after he had been surrounded by George and May. In Season 2, Roscoe returnedsafely after going missing, but he had no memory of the days that had transpired. Based on a disturbing phone recording and his chilling testimony under hypnosis, it's clear that his time with the cult was not pleasant. Despite his ordeal and his initial fear over seeing Uncle George again, it seems as though Roscoe will become a potential convert to The Church of the Lesser Saints. He willingly took orders from Uncle George and remarked on the positive changes in his life since his reappearance. He even referred to the Church's followers as "special." If Roscoe continues to go down the path of the Church, then it is possible that he poses an immediate threat to the Turner family. RELATED: Servant's Mysterious Phone Call Isn't a Gift - It's a Curse

    Season 2 began with Dorothy investigating The Church of the Lesser Saints. Although initial hints were that cult leader May Markham would return, instead the Turners were plagued by Uncle George and the veiled Aunt Josephine. Both unsuccessfully tried to "reunite" Leanne with God, but both elders were brutally dispatched – with George being hit by a car and Josephine being stabbed, burned on a pyre and stuffed into the crawl space. Even though Josephine claimed that George and May were no longer involved with Leanne's situation, there's no way that May Markham can let Leanne's latest misdeeds go unpunished. Especially given the deaths of the Church elders and Leanne's survival, there's a good chance that Season 3 will see May and other Church followers try and reclaim their erstwhile servant, putting an end to the rebellious use of her supernatural powers. Leanne confirms this future threat during the closing moments of the finale, defiantly stating that she will be "ready" when the...

    • Anthony Ambrose
  10. Servant season 2, episode 10 recap – the ending/finale ... › 2021/03/19 › recap-servant

    Mar 19, 2021 · The ending of Servant season 2 leaves the audience wanting more as it ends in theatrical circumstances — episode 10 is a true finale, awarding viewers for their patience. Anything can happen in season 3, but expect an assault of strangeness of the Turner household.

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