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    Cast. Donnie Yen as Chu Zhaonan, the wielder of the Dragon. Leon Lai as Yang Yuncong, the wielder of the Transience. Lau Kar-leung as Fu Qingzhu, the wielder of the Unlearnt. Charlie Yeung as Wu Yuanying, the wielder of the Heaven's Fall. Lu Yi as Han Zhibang, the wielder of the Deity. Duncan Chow ...

    • Tsui Hark, Ma Zhongjun, Lee Joo-ick, Pan Zhizhong
    • Kenji Kawai
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    Jul 29, 2005 · Directed by Hark Tsui. With Leon Lai, Donnie Yen, Charlie Yeung, Honglei Sun. Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General.

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    If the Seven of Swords is in the past part of your Tarot reading, the foundation of your current situation stems from your independence. Perhaps you are still suffering from a break-up. Women who once cheated on their lovers and got away with it see this card in the past as a confirmation that they will be loyal from now on. The card of course can indicate that someone cheated on you, a fact you might still not really be sure of.If the Seven of Swords is in the present part of your Tarot read...

    If some of the other cards appearing in your reading are also Swords, the Seven of Swords represents verbal sneakiness. Perhaps you have been talking behind someone’s back.If there are lots of Pentacles in a reading with the Seven of Swords, someone’s personal belongings may have been stolen recently – perhaps you are a suspect! If there are many Cups in the reading with this card, a sneaky love affair is more likely. With a few cards from the suit of Wands, this card brings great advances in...

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    In a general context, the Seven of Swords represents deception, lies, trickery, cheating and lack of conscience. This card also signifies mental manipulation, tactics, scheming, cunning, enemies who masquerade as friends and spies in your camp. It is a Minor Arcana card of dangerous or risky behaviour, daring, courage and staying ahead of the game.

  5. The Seven of Swords Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money. The Seventh Minor Arcana of the Suit of Swords forebodes betrayal and disloyalty, but also personal liberation. The Seven of Swords can be ambiguous in a reading, suggesting that someone around you is being disloyal or that you should free yourself from a bad relationship.

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    Seven of Swords tarot card denotes someone is moving forward in less than honourable ways. There is often dishonesty connected with this card, and trying to get away with something or trying to get out of something by lying. This is the card for thieves. Seven of Swords combined with the Magician reversed can denote a con man.

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    Seven of Swords Keywords. UPRIGHT: Betrayal, deception, getting away with something, acting strategically. REVERSED: Imposter syndrome, self-deceit, keeping secrets. Seven of Swords Description. The Seven of Swords shows a man sneaking away from a military camp with five swords in his arms.

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    The Seven Swords (2019) The Seven Swords. (2019) According to the legend of rivers and lakes, in Mount Xiuro, the hermit God Emperor and the devil Huo Shuangxiu, the devil Huo repaired the devil's eye, and once he entered the devil to paint the rivers and lakes, the God Emperor repaired the god's eye in order to contain the devil Huo's devil nature.

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    Mar 25, 2017 · In the Seven of Swords card, there is a man that is seen running away sneakily from a camp of some sort, while carrying five swords in his hands. Behind him, two other swords are on standing on the ground. From this image, we can deduce that the Seven of Swords is about stealth, getting away with something, deception or betrayal.

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