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    Characters. Xavier – A self-absorbed and oblivious faun-like shaman wanderer with delusions of grandeur.Xavier is the eponymous main character of the program, often shown to be a deeply insecure, near-sociopathic and childlike individual who can quickly turn against others if interactions with them lead to negative feelings about himself.

    • November 4, 2007 –, April 16, 2009
    • Adult Swim
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    Sep 14, 2020 · Tigtone is an American adult animated television series that premiered on Adult Swim on January 13, 2019. It is based on the original characters of an independent short, The Begun of Tigtone, created by Andrew Koehler, Benjamin Martian, and Zack Wallenfang.

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    • January 13, 2019 –, present
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    The story, from the enclosed instruction book: The game begins with Wario sitting on his throne in his completed treasure-covered castle laughing. In the lower floor, below the throne room lies an evil Black Jewel, who, thousands of years before, had corrupted any and all who owned it, causing chaos and destruction. To put a stop to this, Spritelingsencased the Jewel and put it asleep for all eternity. Tragically, when Wario stole the Jewel thousands of years later, the Black Jewel soon awakened. Wario, still drooling over his treasures and laughing back at the throne room, soon sees his castle rumble and before he knows it, the black jewel has turned his castle into a brand new world. This new world is separated into four sections: Excitement Central, Spooktastic World, Thrillsville, and Sparkle Land. Each world consists of two levels and a boss fight. The worlds are reached from a main hub area. The hub area also leads to the Treasure Squarewhere the huge treasure box containing t...

    Wario World is a 3D platformer. Each level has three objectives: beat the boss, collect all eight of the Gold Statue parts and get all eight of Wario's Treasuresback. After completing both levels in a world, the boss fight of that world will open. When the world boss is beaten, the next world opens. Wario can use several moves to defeat his enemies in various ways, such as spinning them around or slamming their head into the ground. Each time the player collects all treasures in a world, a microgame from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!is unlocked. These games can only be played using a Game Boy Adapter.

    Wario World is divided into 4 worlds linked by the Treasure SquareCourtyard, the hub. From the Courtyard, there are 4 worlds with two levels in each.

    Regular Moves

    Wario has many moves in this game, including several returning ones from the mainline Wario Landgames. 1. Jump 2. Punch: A new move introduced in this game, it helps Wario beat up enemies and crush objects. 3. Dash Attack: One of Wario's signature moves, he rushes forward and uses his shoulder to ram into anyone or anything. 4. Hyper Suction: Wario can open his mouth to suck in nearby coins, similar to Kirby. 5. Ground Pound: A move that appears in many platformers in some way, Wario can poun...

    Mad Moves

    The three Mad Moves are Wario's three most powerful moves, and can only be used after picking up an enemy first. Using them is the only way to damage many of the game's bosses. 1. Mega Toss: After stunning and picking up an enemy, Wario can throw it with all his might. 2. Piledriver: After stunning an enemy, he can also use them to slam, hard, into the ground, destroying that enemy and damaging any others nearby. Wario can also use this move to drill through special Trapdoors. 3. Wild Swing-D...


    1. Arrow Block 2. Drop Block 3. Marshmallow Block 4. Rock Block


    1. Coins 2. Red diamonds 3. Gold Statues 4. Spritelings 5. Wario's Treasures 6. Garlic


    1. Treasure buttons 2. Wooden chests 3. Bunny Springs 4. Bunny Spring (Shivering Mountains) 5. Escape Springs 6. Glue Globes 7. Bombs 8. Smiley Bombs 9. Columns 10. Statues 11. Garlic Dispensers 12. Swirly Slabs 13. Swirly Slabs (Beanstalk Way) 14. Swirly Spinners 15. Battle Rings 16. ByeBye Balloons

    Generic enemies

    These are the enemies that will appear in every level of the game. However, their appearance will change depending on their environment. For example: They will appear normally throughout Excitement Central, but then turn into skeletons in Horror Manor, snowmen in Shivering Mountains, and then mummies in Pecan Sands.

    Other enemies

    These enemies appear in only specific areas in each level. 1. Enemy generator(does not appear in Greenhorn Forest) 2. Stone Doohickey(at the end of the level) 3. Unithorn(when Wario falls into a pit)

    Unique enemies

    These enemies only appear in certain levels.

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    The game received fairly positive reviews, being praised by critics for its gameplay, but was also criticized by many for its short length. GameSpy commented that "the game offers a little beyond of what the regular tridimensional games offers, however, what is offered is short and repetitive". GameSpot stated that its length and simpleness can't hold the player's attention for more than a day. The Play magazine gave the game a perfect score, stating that "Wario World pays off every second the player holding the controller, and that is greatness". Game Informer praised the game's boss battles. IGN's reviewer, Matt Casamassina, stated that "the game is fine, but not as fine as a Mariogame".

    Mario Power Tennis: Wario Factory Court has the remixed theme song from Courtyard, which is part of Treasure Squareused in it.
    Mario Superstar Baseball: Wario Palace highly resembles Pecan Sands. Also, some statues make appearances too as well as Cyclone Generators. The theme song of this ballpark is also related to this g...
    Super Smash Bros. series: Several of Wario's moves in the series, such as his neutral attack, Up Smash, throws, etc. are based on his moves from this game.
    • June 20, 2003, June 23, 2003, July 10, 2003, May 27, 2004
    • Nintendo GameCube
  3. 贝塞斯达软件 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书贝塞斯达软件

    2007 年《上古卷轴4:战栗孤岛》(The Elder Scrolls IV : Shivering Isles)。Windows、Xbox 360 版。 2012 年《上古卷轴5:黎明守衛》(The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard)。Windows、Xbox 360 版、PlayStation 3 版。 2012 年《上古卷轴5:爐火》(The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire)。

    • Christopher Weaver
    • Todd Vaughn, (VP, development), Pete Hines, (VP, PR and marketing), Ron Seger, (VP, sales)
    • 1986年6月28日,​34年前
    • 有限公司
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