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  1. Simple - A Science-backed Diet | Intermittent Fasting App Personalized programs wellness support results Reach your goals with our Simple, science-backed nutrition program that meets you where you’re at — right now. Start your journey 4.8 on AppStore All the tools you need 1. Personalized program tailored to your goals

  2. Definitions of simple adjective having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved “a simple problem” “ simple mechanisms” “a simple design” “a simple substance” Synonyms: easy posing no difficulty; requiring little effort plain not elaborate or elaborated; simple unsubdivided

  3. See definition of simple on adj. clear, understandable; easy adj. uncluttered, natural adj. childlike, innocent adj. feeble-minded; not intelligent synonyms for simple Compare Synonyms clean elementary plain quiet smooth straightforward transparent uncomplicated cinch light picnic snap walkover child's play easy as pie effortless

  4. a piece of cake a piece of old tackle a pushover as easy as ABC as easy as falling off a log as easy as pie a snack a snap a snip child's play duck soup easy-peasy kids' stuff money for jam money for old rope no sweat easy to do cream puff more “For Sheldon Cooper, adhering to social constructs was not simple .” Adjective Easy to understand

  5. Simple fasting and meal tracker app is the easiest way to keep track of your eating habits, get personalized insights about your health, and make your daily fasting routine better. Benefit from the most popular, healthy, and effective weight-loss method, trusted by hundreds of millions adopters worldwide! Perfect for establishing a basic eating discipline, Simple is ideal for keeping yourself in good shape during self-isolation, with our educational and motivational content on staying ...

  6. Simple believes in kindness to planet. We work to do our part leaving the smallest and kindest footprint possible. We make positive changes to reduce our impact on the environment and work continuously to become a more sustainable brand: - Ensuring our packs are recyclable - Reducing or eliminating plastic from our packaging

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