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  1. 1 SGD equals

    0.752 USD

  2. How to convert Singapore Dollar to US Dollar 1 Input your amount Simply type in the box how much you want to convert. 2 Choose your currencies Click on the drop-downs to select the currencies you want to convert between. 3 That’s it Our currency converter will show you the current rate and how it’s changed over the past day, week or month.

  3. Mar 15, 2023 · Singapore Dollar Watch list Last Updated: Mar 15, 2023 12:11 p.m. EDT $ 1.3519 0.0067 0.50% Previous Close $1.3452 Advanced Charting 1.3410 Day Range 1.3528 1.3033 52 Week Range 1.4493 Partner...

  4. Mar 28, 2023 · Singapore Dollar Exchange Rates Table. Top 10 Mar 25, 2023 07:21 UTC. Singapore Dollar. 1.00 SGD. inv. 1.00 SGD. US Dollar. 0.750216. 1.332949. Euro.

  5. Sep 27, 2022 · The Singapore dollar is probably our ‘top favorite’ in Asia, says HSBC The Singapore dollar is “still one of the most resilient in the region” and its strength will benefit companies that have...

  6. Aug 24, 2022 · The term Singapore dollar (SGD) refers to the official currency of the Southeast Asian island state of Singapore. The currency is issued and maintained by the country's central bank. The...

  7. Dec 25, 2022 · The Singapore dollar (SGD) is the official legal currency issued by the Southeast Asian sovereign island nation, the Republic of Singapore. Its dollar denominations are commonly designated with the symbol S$ to distinguish it from other dollar currencies such as the US dollar and Canadian dollar.

  8. The symbol for the Singapore Dollar is $. The SG Dollar is divided into 100 cents. For 2023, one Dollar has equalled. average: $ 1.333. minimum: $ 1.304. maximum: $ 1.355. The SG Dollar is the currency used in Singapore.

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