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  1. Lois Lane : Blow up the gate. Yeah. Tess and I had a little unexpected heart to heart about your secret plan. I brought her around to seeing things my way. I just... I wish you could have had a little faith in me, too. Clark Kent : Lois, I didn't want you to have to make that kind of choice. I was trying to...

  2. 12 Oct. 2006. Wither. 7.4 (971) Rate. One of the Phantom Zone escapees is up to no good in the local forest. Clark is jealous of Chloe's new boyfriend from the paper. Meanwhile, Lana and Lex finally sleep together and Lois falls in love with Oliver Queen, Martha's benefactor. S6, Ep4. 19 Oct. 2006.

  3. ZOD (Callum blue) RETURNS IN JUSTIN HARTLEY'S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT EPISODE — Tess (Cassidy Freeman) learns that General Slade was found unconscious on a street ...

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    Smallville Dominion Hartley 'Smallville': Justin Hartley directs 'Dominion' Smallville 'Smallville' recap: A timely 'Booster' shot of comic book fanboy fun; Smallville Booster

  5. Apr 30, 2011 · Friday's episode of Smallville "Dominion" saw Clark revisit the Phantom Zone with Oliver in tow, and an extremely miffed Zod made the manly duo engage in a leather-clad deathmatch. Is this what ...

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