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  1. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) - IMDb

    Jun 01, 2012 · Snow White, imprisoned daughter of the late king, escapes just as the Magic Mirror declares her the source of the Evil Queen's immortality. The Queen sends her men, led by a local huntsman, to bring her back. But upon her capture, the huntsman finds he's being played and turns against the Queen's men, saving Snow White in the process.

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    • Rupert Sanders
    • PG-13
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  2. Snow White and the Huntsman - Wikipedia

    Snow White and the Huntsman is a 2012 American fantasy film based on the German fairy tale " Snow White " compiled by the Brothers Grimm. The film is the directorial debut of Rupert Sanders, with a screenplay by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini, from a screen story by Daugherty.

    • May 30, 2012 (United Kingdom), June 1, 2012 (United States)
    • Joe Roth, Sam Mercer
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  3. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) - Rotten Tomatoes

    However, to become truly immortal, Ravenna must consume the heart of her stepdaughter Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Snow escapes, and Ravenna dispatches a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to capture her....

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    • adventure, action, fantasy
    • PG-13
  4. Snow White | Snow White and the Huntsman Wiki | Fandom
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    Snow White is the princess (later queen) of Tabor and the main protagonist of Snow White and the Huntsman. Enchanting all with her courage and innate purity, she is considered to be the "Fairest of Them All." She is the only child of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor, and the stepdaughter and arch nemesis of Queen Ravenna who seeks to kill her to consume her pure heart and maintain her power. However, Snow White proves to be more than a match for the wicked queen ultimately ending her tyrannical rei...

    Snow White is the daughter of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor. During her childhood, her mother told her that she possessed a "rare beauty" deep within her heart, and told her to never lose it. As a child, she was best friends with William, the son of Duke Hammond. After the ...

    Soon after, Snow White and Eric encounter and are captured by dwarves, who nearly kill the pair until Snow White reveals to them that her father was King Magnus. The dwarves then free and take her and Eric to an enchanting part of the forest called The Sanctuary.

    The Dwarves inform Snow White that they intend to follow her wherever she shall lead them and Gort hands her Gus' dagger in honor of him. The group accompanied by William then continue on their journey to Hammond's Castle. Along the way, William apologizes to Snow White for ...

    Snow White is shown to be a competent horsewoman. She also picks some basic self defense skills from Eric.

    • 18
    • Tabor
    • Princess (Later Queen) Warrior
    • Raffey Cassidy (Child) Kristen Stewart (Teenager)
  5. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

    Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  6. Huntsman | Disney Wiki | Fandom
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    The Huntsman (named Humbert in some publicity materials) is a servant of the Queen and a minor character in Disney's 1937 animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    For the sequence in which the Huntsman fails to do away with Snow White and tells her to flee into the forest, the Huntsman was first conceived as a ruthless and dangerous killer, who looked forward to his job such that his face would light up when the Queen gave him new ...

    After being told by the Magic Mirror that Snow White is the fairest of all, the vain Queen summons the Huntsman to her castle and orders him to take the princess to a secluded area deep in the forest, and kill her. The Huntsman objects but says he will obey when the Queen ...

    The Huntsman is a crucial character in the series and is played by Jamie Dornan. He was raised by wolves and lives in the Enchanted Forest with a white wolf as his sole companion. He is immensely compassionate towards animals, believing they have the purest hearts and mourns ......

    It's revealed that the huntsman is the First King's great-uncle's servant. He later appears to tell the queen that Snow White almost killed herself since she was riding his horse. It's also revealed that, when the Magic Mirror told the Queen the pig-heart trick, the Queen ...

    • The Queen's murderous state, harming the innocent
    • Escapes the Queen, alive
    • The Evil Queen
    • Humbert the Huntsman
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  8. - "Snow White and the Huntsman" - Official Trailer In the epic action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) ...

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  9. Snow White and the Huntsman Wiki | Fandom

    Snow White is the princess of Tabor and the main protagonist of Snow White and the Huntsman. Enchanting all with her courage and innate purity, she is considered to be the "Fairest of Them All".

  10. Snow White and the Huntsman (Comparison: Theatrical Version ...

    The story of Snow White has been mnade into several movies already, the most successful and famous version probably being Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.Several quite different movies followed, only the year 2012 already saw three different adaptations: the colorful Mirror Mirror, the trashy Grimm's Snow White and the action-packed Snow White and the Huntsman.

  11. Snow White: Beauty Is Power | The New Yorker

    Jun 08, 2012 · Snow White and the Huntsman” captures deepening anxiety about aging and generational sexual rivalry in clever, self-reflexive ways, with Charlize Theron as a beautiful cougar (and established...

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